Why Fellowship?

And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. I John 1:4

Why should we fellowship? As one commentor stated, fellowship is often hard work. A person must be willing to “extend the right hand of Christian fellowship” to those who often have no hunger for it.

John continues the train of thought on fellowship by stating that the truth of what he is writing will produce fulness of joy.

Could it be that God has created us with a need for koinonia? From the very beginning, man was created in the image of God, thus making him compatible for fellowship with God. It stands to reason that we have a basic need that can only be fulfilled by the blessing of intimate, spiritual fellowship with God and other believers.

People often comment about “sourpuss Christians” who go around looking as if the hogs ate their little brother. Perhaps these believers are running low on fellowship.

I cannot help but believe that there is a special measure of joy and grace that can only be found in the level of fellowship that we have been discussing in the previous two posts. If we fail to participate in that kind of fellowship, we will miss one of the sweetest blessings that God has prepared for us in this life.

Is your joy tank full? If not, check up on your fellowship.


5 responses to “Why Fellowship?

  1. Gordon, I’m not as faithful to comment on your blog as you are on mine, but I wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying this look at 1 John. 1 John hass fast been becoming one of my favorite sections of Scripture over the last year or so.

    Keep up the good work, brother!
    steve ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey bro,

    I’m really enjoying this series. I have to read fast (time limit at the library), but it’s been a blessing.

  3. I am hearing something resonating min my spirit through these posts and a few other blogs I have been following…I think I’ll write my own post about it but it has to do with JUST DO IT! The main thing is ….fellowshipping with Christ or with His body…we make it into such a chore…when in reality it brings great joy…if we can just get around to doing it. It doesn’t take moving a mountain either, reading scripture or praying for hours or planning some huge church get together..it can be very simple…very short…but we HAVE to make the effort…we have to Move…ok…I definitley need to write my own post on this subject…I’m getting carried away…lol

  4. hay Gordon, thanks for stopping by,
    glad you are geeting some rain,

    yesterday was the first day in a long time in getting rain, and like a kid I was out in it ,now i got a cold! ๐Ÿ™‚

    and that was a peony, got 2 pink one an a white one , they are have been coming up every since i was a little kid!

  5. Steve, always good to see you my friend. I look forward to hearing your take on future texts in I John.

    Cameron, glad you stopped by. Hope y’all get back online up there soon.

    JG, you are exactly right. The thing we will find if we make the effort is that it is SO worth it.

    Janice, hope you feel better soon.

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