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Weekend Survey–Leadership Qualities

   For this weekend’s survey, let us consider this question: “What three leadership qualities do you consider to be the most important?”

   While we are currently under the spectre of a national election, this survey is not aimed just on the political. I am speaking of leadership in general. While this obviously includes elected leaders, it would also apply to church leaders, community leaders, work leaders, etc.

   Here are my answers in no particular order:

  • Vision–a leader must have an idea of where he is taking his followers.
  • Discernment–a leader must know the difference between right and wrong.
  • Determination–a leader must commit to his vision and remain so, despite the obstacles.

What do you think? I am interested to hear your opinions.

Have a blessed and safe weekend.


Favorite Things About Fall

   As I sat watching my son practice soccer last evening, I noticed a cool edge in the weather. It immediately caused me to perk up, fall is in the air!

   Fall is my favorite season. There are so many things about it that I love: cooler weather, football, hunting, bonfires, Thanksgiving…so many things.

   So what do you like about Fall? Or, if you prefer another season, please share with us why.

   God bless and have a great weekend.

Let The Games Begin

After months of preparation, posturing and politicking on the part of the Chinese, the Olympic games are ready to get underway tonight in Beijing. I must admit to feeling somewhat conflicted about these games. I am still scratching my head as to how China wound up as the host to begin with, given their track record on human rights and other issues.

However, I also see this as an opportunity for the gospel to be carried into a place where it is not always welcome. In addition, there will be many visitors from other nations that are closed to the gospel. Let us pray that the Christians who are able to attend the games will take advantage of every opportunity to share the good news while they are there.

As a form of a Weekend Survey, tell us what you are most looking forward to in these games? Experts predict a strong showing from our ladies’ gymnastics team, our swim team looks to be formidable as well. I think, though, that I am most interested in seeing if our men’s basketball team can reclaim their spot atop the heap. I am a big fan of Mike Krzyzewski and it seems that he and Jerry Colangelo have assembled the most talented team we have fielded in several years, perhaps since the original Dream Team. In the few glimpses I have had of them in their exhibition games, there seems to be a good chemistry between the players that was missing in Athens. 

What are you looking forward to seeing?

Weekend Survey

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend survey. The topic for this one is annoying TV commercials. There are several companies attempting to sell products over the airwaves right now who should fire their ad campaign executives as well as the people who hired them. These commercials go beyond bad to downright annoying. Instead of encouraging me to try their product, they have actually pushed me away by the incredibly low level of intelligence of their ads. Here they are in no particular order:

The GEICO commercials with the talking lizard.

The Sonic Drive-in ads with the really dumb guy.

The Verizon Wireless ad with the carolers singing “We Wish You a Happy Deal Day”.

The Coke Zero commercials where Coca-Cola corporate reps are trying to decide if it is feasible to sue themselves for taste infringement.

And am I the only one who is wierded out by the gigantic plastic Burger King who suddenly appears in people’s bedrooms with a breakfast tray?

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little. Feel free to add to the list. God bless and have a great weekend.

Weekend Survey

Christmas is in the air!

Most of us have many traditions that we observe during this time. Some are old, some a little newer. For the enjoyment of all and the sake of getting better acquainted with one another, would you mind sharing with us some of your traditions? Perhaps an old and a new?

 Our family has always opened one gift on Christmas Eve. (That was an old one.)

On a newer note, for the last three years we have begun using an Advent wreath. It has led to some very meaningful times of family worship.

How about you?

Weekend Survey

Praise the Lord! We are finally getting some heavy, soaking rain here. We have been in desperate need of it for some time and we can use a lot of it over the winter to help us recover from our drought.

 I must confess that I love “bad” weather. Some of you may find that wierd, but I’m sure some of you may already hold that opinion of me anyway, so I’m just confirming it for you. 😉

For about 4 years when I was growing up, my Dad pastored a church in the mountains of West Virginia. I can remember when we would have a snowstorm, we would get to stay up late if there was no school the next day. Our family would sit around the kitchen table eating molasses cookies, drinking hot chocolate and playing Rook. That was some of my favorite bad weather.

I think now my favorite inclement weather is when the temperature is about fifty degrees or a little lower and raining.

Now that I have been transparent with my wierdness, what is your favorite “bad” weather?

Weekend Survey

The family and I are going to go down to St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge (pictured in my header) to do some hiking and birding this afternoon. We have plans for a picnic supper and hopefully the bald eagles have returned after the summer.

As majestic as the eagles are, however, I would have to say that the bird that fascinates me the most is the Great Blue Heron. These birds have some amazing beauty and I never get tired of watching them hunt for supper in the wading pools with the sun setting in the background.

So, with that in mind, this week’s survey is for the birds. Which bird is your favorite?

God bless and have a great weekend.

Oh, yeah, the ‘Noles are gonna take Alabama down hard!

Weekend Survey

I wonder if we will have as much fun as we did last week? You never can tell.

This week’s question was inspired by Tony Sisk’s comments last week about asparagus. Here we go.

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it cooked?

I love a lot of different vegetables, but one of my very favorites is butterbeans. Get them when they are young and tender, cook them long and slow with some ham. Throw in a few pods of okra to sweeten them up just a bit. They go well with just about anything or all by themselves.

Editorial warning: Make sure you eat these alone. They are so good they will make you slap whoever is close to you.

So, tell us about yours. Anyone who brings up frozen English peas will be permanently banned from this blog.

Weekend Survey

   Blogging provides us with a unique ability to experience virtual community. I feel like I know some of you even though we haven’t actually met. Yet and still, if we were to meet face-to-face, I’ll bet there would be a few surprises. So the topic of this weekend’s survey will be: “Something you don’t know about me”.

    Here is something you don’t know about me, I once worked as an apprentice brick-layer. Isn’t that exciting?

    How about you? What interesting bits of trivia about your life are you willing to share?

   God bless and have a great weekend.

Weekend Survey

   My last serious post was about the leadership qualities of Jesus. I intend to write some more on this topic next week. He truly is the greatest leader. Besides the fact that He is God, He also demonstrated some excellent human qualities while leading His disciples here on earth.

   It is my belief that as we study these qualities, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can find it possible to emulate our Lord.

   What aspect of Christ’s leadership stands out to you? There are many that I see, but I have always been impressed by the sensitivity that He showed to those around Him. This is an area in which I am somewhat deficient so it really challenges me when I read this about Jesus.

   What do you think?