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Blog Spotting and New Links

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogspotting and there are a few articles that I have found to be intriguing recently as well as a couple of new bloggers I am adding to my blogroll.

The articles are written by three men whom I consider to be smarter than the average bear. The first of these is Dr. Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary. He has posted an article on Joe Biden’s view of when life begins that is most interesting. The second is an article by Denny Burk, also of Southern Seminary, relating to some theological ramifications of the role of women in leadership. The third is a series of articles written by my brother some time back comparing the moral issues of slavery and abortion. Many are writing about this now, but his work was the first that I have seen on the topic and the best. It should be required reading for all voters. I sincerely hope he has the opportunity to have this work published someday.

I have also made some updates to my blogroll. I have dropped some due to inactivity. Others were dropped because of either aberrant theology or because they had developed a voice that is not consistent with what I want my blog to represent. I firmly believe that how we say something is just as important as what we say. (And that’s all I have to say about that.) ūüôā

You will notice that I am adding a couple of new links, as well. One of these is long-time commentor and visitor here, Kansas Bob. KB is always willing to engage in stimulating conversation and yet maintain a gracious tone. He posts some interesting articles on politics, theology, culture and humor. If you don’t find him at home, you might check the nearest Starbuck’s.

Another occasional visitor who has a blog worth reading is Sis. Harriet Peterson, better known as SelahV. She is a pastor’s wife who is a gifted writer. She has the ability to speak her mind with a Christ-like spirit and that is something I value.

I have also added a link to Baptist Press Sports where you will occasionally find articles that I have written. This is a good website of sports information from a Christian perspective. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

I link to blogs and sites that bless me and challenge me. Some are very close to my views, some are rather radically different on some points. The links in my sidebar may lead to blogs of people with whom I disagree theologically, politically or even about sports, but I have come to realize that through gracious exchanges, we can become better people. I hope these sites will bless you as they have me.


High Notes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog-spotting tour. I’ve come across a few gems this week that I wanted to pass along to you.

Dan Burrell gives an outstanding post on the Lost Discipline of Reverence. This post really reinforced some things I have been learning lately.

Frequent commentor here at Heavenly Heartburn, T.A. Blankenship, has a good set of reasons for expositional preaching.

The discussions at K.C.’s blog never lack for depth. He has a good one going now on the topic of judgment.

I always get a blessing out of Dionna Sanchez’ devotionals. She has one on keeping God in our focus that will encourage you.

¬†There’s a new blog on the block, SBC Impact is a group blog to which frequent visitor Tony Sisk contributes. It has a good collection of writers and seems to be focused on accentuating the positive aspects of SBC thought instead of dwelling on controversy.

Alan Knox is presenting an outstanding series on the topic of church elders at his blog. You really need to check this out. 

Finally, my brother is asking a good question concerning the future challenges of Christianity.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow for another exciting edition of Weekend Survey.

Blogroll Update

   I have updated my blogroll. I have dropped a couple of links due to inactivity or technical problems.

   I have also added a couple of links that were long overdue. Both are frequent visitors and commentors here and I apologize to both of them for not adding them sooner.

¬†¬† Lacoochee Kid is the blog of retired teacher, Beverly Whitcomb. She is involved in mission work and music from time to time. She also spends a lot of time in Virginia for some reason. She will be more than happy to tell you why. ūüôā

¬†¬† Misawa’s Musings is the site of my recent acquaintance, Galen Towns of Atlanta. He shares his thoughts on sports, culture and keeps abreast of certain issues relating to conservative politics.

¬†¬† Check out both of these blogs and tell ’em Gordon sent you. Maybe they’ll give you a free t-shirt or something. (Or then again, maybe not.)

Out To Lunch

¬†¬† I am in the middle of what has been a very busy week that is showing no signs of slowing down. For that reason, I haven’t had much time for posting this week.

¬†¬† I probably will not be able to post again until next week when, hopefully, I will have time to sit down and think about what I am writing. ūüôā

   I have intentions of following up on the statement that I posted last week as well as a couple of other things that are circulating through my brain. In the meantime, enjoy the blogs that are on my blogroll and check back with me next week.

 God bless!

A Little Blogspotting

¬†¬† I am working on my next musician’s interview. Hopefully, it will be up later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some “Web Gems” that I have seen this week and enjoyed. I hope they will bless you, too.

   KC has written a masterful article on the development of our theology. Everyone needs to read this one.

¬†¬† Tony Sisk writes about those who try to stiff-arm God’s grace in favor of their own desires. This identifies a very real problem among believers today.

   Genuine, Christian hospitality is becoming a lost art. Alan Knox does a good job of addressing this in a recent post.

   Frequent commentor and fellow pastor, Tim A. Blankenship, has written a series of sermons on the Creation that were a blessing to me. Check them out, I think you will like them, too.

   Ken Fields is preparing to be grilled questioned in the process of ordination. He has asked for a little help in this endeavor.

   Modern Day Magi does an outstanding job of examining the flaws of pluralism in this article.

¬†¬† Finally, my dear wife recently entered the wonderful world of blogging. She has been writing some very inspirational articles. If you haven’t given them a look, already, it is well worth the time.

A Pleasant Lunch

   One of the things I am coming to really enjoy about blogging is the new friends and connections that you can make through this process.

¬†¬†¬† My two sons, Clay and Glen, and I just returned from Tallahassee, FL, where we were able to meet fellow pastors and bloggers Garry and Steve Weaver. We didn’t have a long time to fellowship as they had a conference they had to get to, but the time we had was very pleasant Christian fellowship. Bro. Garry was¬†generous to pay for our lunches.

   We were able to discuss some mutual acquaintances and experiences, and of course talk a little baseball (Steve is a big Braves fan, like me).

    Fellows, I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it and hope we have opportunity in the future to do it again.

Bits and Pieces

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some new links that you may find interesting.

 This past weekend, Jamey Murphy, husband of singer, Kelley Murphy, led a parenting conference at Pine Park Baptist Church. The conference materials were produced by the Parent Project and were excellent. They offered great insights into the problems that kids are facing today, how a parent can identify those problems, and how to develop a strategy to deal with them. If any pastors or youth ministers read this, I highly recommend that you have Jamey come and do a conference at your church. You can contact him through his brand-new blog (WordPress should start paying me commission fees!), Blue Collar Parent.

Frequent visitor and commentor here, Ron Jackson, aka RBJ, has finally started his own blog (WordPress, are you getting this?). Bro. Ron is a member of Pine Park BC and is a genuine country boy. He has a lot of stories to tell along with some pretty good insights on living. Be sure and give his blog a visit.

You can always count on kids for a good laugh. This past Sunday night, I had preached on David’s sin with Bathsheba. On the way home, my oldest son, Clay, asked, “Dad, what does ‘adultery’ mean?”

Before I could answer, my youngest¬†son, Glen, chimed in, “That’s when you make fun of adults.”¬†

Finally, congratulations to the Bears and the Colts. This should be a pretty good Super Bowl. I think Peyton Manning will finally be able to silence his critics by leading his team to a championship.