Fellowship Expands

Fellowship begins with God. In I John 1:3, John refers to His previous experiences with Christ. He states that his message in this epistle was based upon the time he had spent with Jesus.

Notice what John did NOT do. He did not let time spent with Jesus cause him to become proud or hyper-spiritual. Sitting at the feet of Jesus should always produce genuine humility in us. Neither did John allow himself to become isolated from others for the sake of “following Christ”. While there are times when we need to be alone with Christ, we are never commanded to avoid the company of others on a continual basis so that we can be alone with the Lord.

John wanted us to know the same things about Christ that he knew. He wanted us to be able to share the same experiences with Jesus that he had. Why? He wanted to lead us to fellowship with other believers with the Father and the Son simultaneously. It is possible to enjoy fellowship with Christ in the company of believers.

Notice a progression in this text.

1. Worship–time spent with Jesus

2. Fellowship–time spent with Jesus and other believers

3. Discipleship–bringing other believers into closer fellowship with God

We know we are experiencing koinonia when our fellowship is driven by the worship of Jesus, and believers are being drawn into a closer relationship with God as a result of it. If we are not personally growing in our relationship with Christ, we will never be able to draw others closer to Him through the blessing of fellowship.

Is your fellowship expanding? Time spent with Jesus should never cause us to shun others, but to seek to draw them closer to Him as well. When this occurs, we can enjoy what Adrian Rogers called, “The sweetest fellowship this side of heaven”.


14 responses to “Fellowship Expands

  1. What a great post, Gordon! God so intended us to fellowship together with HIm. This is the very reason for His picture of a Body…HIs Body…many members, one body, one fellowship. I often share with friends that this Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. We need each otehr far more than we realize. Thanks for the encouragement. Fellowshipping together in HIm can be a bit of a pain sometimes and require effort, the laying down of self(never fun:))…but so necessary and beneficial in the long run.

  2. Cool post Gordon, was going to ask you what koinonia was but I ‘m going to look it up for myself,
    and way I love to hear Adrian Rogers, preach! what happen to him

    any way thanks
    God bless

  3. JG–you are right, it definitely requires effort on our part.

    Jel–koinonia is a Greek word for fellowship that describes the level of fellowship believers can share through the presence of God.

    Dr. Rogers passed away last November with prostate cancer and pneumonia.

  4. Thanks Gordon,

    I looked Koinonia on the web, and found this cool site , that told what it was, and I found out that the people that have this site HomeSchool their kids, I saved the website if you want to look at it!

    I knew that Dr Rogers had died, but didn’t know how! he was really good man!

  5. Great post!

    That is a great progression.

    God Bless,


  6. What an odd coincidence you bring this up today. I am a serious loner and really don’t like crowds. Today my husband asked me if I would go to church with him tonight (we never go on Wednesday night so this was odd for him). Of course my first instict was to say no but I said I would think about it. Reading this post made up my mind!

  7. Blessings:
    I humbly invite you to explore “Ancient’s History”…and not to step on your toes but I also wanted to share with Kelly that; “Coincidences are the lazy one’s way of explaining events so they don’t have to think about it further, the word you’re looking for is syncronicity.”
    “I don’t think I know…I just know I’m thinking.”
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  8. I believe Kelly meant “coincidence” in an ironic sort of way.

  9. I love the progression, as well. Looks like another fine post that I’ll be stealing for future lessons (giving proper credit, of course).

    Coincidence: The event of two or more objects, lines, or happenings crossing (or coinciding) with one another.

    Yup! Kelly got it right.

  10. Danny & Gordon: Thank you guys for defending me! 🙂
    Although I am a little lazy in this heat. 😉

  11. No problem, Kelly. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but Ancient Clown claims to be the Messiah of some sort. Go figure.

  12. Really? I didn’t know that! LOL!

  13. I went to AC’s blog! 😦

  14. Kelly:
    You need not feel others came to your defense as you were never under attack. Just playing with the words you were using.
    Danny Kaye:
    Syncronicity; “The event of two or more objects, lines, or happenings crossing (or coinciding) with one another for a reason.”
    Gordon Cloud:
    The word you were looking for is either ‘Messenger’ or ‘Prophet’…not ‘Messiah’. Nowhere on my site do I refer to myself as a ‘Messiah’, whereas I do use the terms ‘Messenger’ & ‘Prophet’…and with good reason, as has been witnessed by others. You might want to take that into account and deep consideration before jumping to any conclusions as to my validity.
    The Fellowship:
    the one GOD placed me in, that of messenger and prophet…but don’t take my word for it, ask the witnesses, test it for yourself, remember the immortal words of Christ;
    “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.” John 7:17
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown

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