On Mission Celebration

Our church is participating in an association-wide, On Mission Celebration this week. We are having different missionaries each night with several activities during the day. This is not leaving me much time for blogging over the next day or two. I will try to sneak a post in later tonight if I can get the time.

10 responses to “On Mission Celebration

  1. Have a very blessing of a week,


  2. Hope you guys have a great week. Glad to hear of your mission emphasis.

  3. that sounds awesome! please pass along lessons learned and a few touching stories! 🙂

  4. we’ll give you a little grace, this time. no seriously, hope you are blessed with all the exciting stuff that you’ll be doing.

  5. Have fun at your missions celebration
    Please share when you come back
    I like your blog

  6. Well that explains why I did not see you at the revival last night. I just knew you would be there. Thanks for the link! =)

  7. It may not give you much time this week, but those types of things tend to give me great material for the next week. 🙂

    Enjoy the missionaries,


  8. I’ll be interested in hearing about your week as well. Do you get folks out during the week? Our church for the last two years has had missions emphasis each Sunday, with a different missionary ministering. They, of course, are at the regular meetings of the church during the week when they’re here.

  9. I think doug e. said it best. You’ll have some good stuff to write about.

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