My First Olympic Post

It suddenly occurred to me that we are well into the second week of the Olympics and I have posted hardly anything about them yet. Then it also occurred to me that maybe there was nothing that was all that inspiring to write about.

Until tonight.

I am not a big figure-skating fan. As a fan of NASCAR, college football, hunting and fishing, I don’t even consider it a real sport. A nice display to be sure, but the criteria for winning are too subjective to be truly considered a sport. I watch it with my wife because it makes her happy for me to do so.

So as I sat tonight, watching the women’s short program, I really didn’t expect to find anything extraordinary. Then Emily Hughes stepped on the ice.

Emily, you will recall, is the younger sister of previous gold-medalist Sara. She is also a last-minute replacement for skating superstar Michelle Kwan who withdrew with an injury. While the expectations of others may not have been high, there is still enormous pressure. This is the Olympics, for goodness’ sakes, you are the younger sister of a gold-medalist, and the replacement of one who was one of the favorites going in.

Just the pressure of skating on ice without falling on my behind would have been enough to send me scurrying to the nearest tree stand.

This little girl with a big heart ignored the pressure, went out there on the ice (without falling down, mind you) and had a ball. She was not the most spectacular skater there tonight, but I was blown away by the fire that Emily showed. “No fear and a lot of fun,” seemed to be her motto. The announcers seemed to think that she hit all of her “elements” strongly. I still don’t know a loop from a salchow, but it looked good to me.

I was impressed.

I am a fan.

Now if we can just get NASCAR included as a Summer Olympics event.

P.S. Our On Mission Celebration concludes tomorrow night. I will post a full report then. It has been awesome. I love missionaries, they are my heroes.

13 responses to “My First Olympic Post

  1. I too don’t know to much about speed skating but it is amazing what they can do with those ribbons and balls.

    Looking forward to your mission review.

  2. I love to watch the woman’s sigles, but I must admit I was a little disappointed that Michele had to drop out.

    That little girl did very well!

  3. I don’t understand the announcers in the events. They seem hyper critical of the contestants. It doesn’t matter which event your watching.
    I told my wife last night this thought and we both agreed that the way the announcers carry on, perhaps they need to get on the ice, in the sleds, on the snow boards, and/or put on the skis and show everyone how it should be done.

  4. I agree with the announcer thing. They are so…arrogant?

    They do little to explain what the various moves mean or how the good points are judged.

    I’m not an olympics fan.

    Maybe you could tell.

  5. I prefer the summer olympics, but there are some winter events that I enjoy as well. I still think they should include preaching, but that’s just men.

    Amen, to the previous comments about the announcers. Let’s put them on the ice as Michael suggested, but to really get my attention you’d have to incorporate the archery team from the summer games. Any announcer left standing would medal.

  6. Pretty inflamatory typo there, Cameron…;-)

  7. Yay for NASCAR, college football, hunting and fishing!!!

    Figure skating… ugh. Get a life. That’s what I think. But, I know a lot of people enjoy that stuff, so I don’t want to be too ugly.

  8. Thanks, Gordon, for including some sports blogging. I normally go to Tim’s blog for this. But with him being sick and all, I’m avoiding his site for fear of catching something.

  9. Also, I believe that if figure skating is a sport worthy of Olympic status, why not make American Idol an Oly sport? Better judging, anyway.

  10. wes,
    Oops 🙂 It should have been “that’s just me.”

    Everyone can address their hate mail to Gordon.

  11. I’ve recently discovered a new definition:

    Fig-ure Skat-ing Fan – 1. (n) Any person who watches figure skating at a time other than the Olympics.

    If I’m watching figure skating, there are five rings on the ice…

  12. Wes–perhaps I should have clarified that I am a fan of Emily Hughes, not figure skating in general.

    Cameron–are you not content with the controversies you have stirred up in other places that you have to come here and do it? (Just kidding)

    Tony–good to see you brother. This is a guaranteed, influenza-free forum.

    All–thanks for stopping by. I do agree with the comments about the announcers. I think the problem is, these people only get on TV about once every four years and try to cram four years of “wisdom” (?) into two weeks of comments.

  13. I hear you, but you gotta’ be careful – it’ll suck you in. One day it’s Emily Hughes, the next thing you know you’ve blown half a Saturday watching the World Championships from Budapest…

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