High Notes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog-spotting tour. I’ve come across a few gems this week that I wanted to pass along to you.

Dan Burrell gives an outstanding post on the Lost Discipline of Reverence. This post really reinforced some things I have been learning lately.

Frequent commentor here at Heavenly Heartburn, T.A. Blankenship, has a good set of reasons for expositional preaching.

The discussions at K.C.’s blog never lack for depth. He has a good one going now on the topic of judgment.

I always get a blessing out of Dionna Sanchez’ devotionals. She has one on keeping God in our focus that will encourage you.

 There’s a new blog on the block, SBC Impact is a group blog to which frequent visitor Tony Sisk contributes. It has a good collection of writers and seems to be focused on accentuating the positive aspects of SBC thought instead of dwelling on controversy.

Alan Knox is presenting an outstanding series on the topic of church elders at his blog. You really need to check this out. 

Finally, my brother is asking a good question concerning the future challenges of Christianity.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow for another exciting edition of Weekend Survey.


4 responses to “High Notes

  1. Gordon,

    Thank you for linking to my series on elders and for the kind words.


  2. Gordon,

    COOL. Thanks for the link to Impact. We appreciate it!

    Hey, tomorrow’s weekend survey day, idn’t it???

  3. Thanks for the great job you guys do with your blogging and for being grateful.

    Tony, ‘deed it is weekend survey. It might please you to know that you inspired this week’s question.

  4. Preacher thanks so much for the kindness but I can’t help but feel out of place being listed with these great brethren and especially so here on your site.

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