Weekend Survey

I wonder if we will have as much fun as we did last week? You never can tell.

This week’s question was inspired by Tony Sisk’s comments last week about asparagus. Here we go.

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it cooked?

I love a lot of different vegetables, but one of my very favorites is butterbeans. Get them when they are young and tender, cook them long and slow with some ham. Throw in a few pods of okra to sweeten them up just a bit. They go well with just about anything or all by themselves.

Editorial warning: Make sure you eat these alone. They are so good they will make you slap whoever is close to you.

So, tell us about yours. Anyone who brings up frozen English peas will be permanently banned from this blog.

20 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. I would have to say that it’s a close race between either corn on the cob (slathered in butter of course), or black eyed peas (always in style with cornbread and a little bacon thrown in).


  2. and just what is wrong with E peas ?

    beets are my fav. 😉

  3. I do like asparagus, but my favorite is–hands down–tomatoes. Freshly picked, not those cardboard imitations at the produce aisle.You know, the kind where when you bite them the juice runs down your arm and you are so caught up in the bite you forget to wipe your arm off until it reaches your elbow?

    They go best as a side to a bowl of buttered grits or between two pieces of white bread (yeah, the mushy kind) covered in Duke’s mayonnaise (the only kind) sprinkled with salt and pepper.

    See y’all later. I’m going to the kitchen!

  4. Bro. Gordon,

    I will have to say ” Broccoli ” cooked any way thats possible is my first choice ?

    On the other hand my 2nd choice , I will say ” Fresh Green Fordhook Lima Beans ” with plenty of smoked Ham Hocks ! They reign over butterbeans ? { allthough I want refuse them } There ain’t much difference in the two , only The Fordhooks are just a souped up version of Butterbeans !

    If you ain’t careful and eat to many they will make you want to run away from home , they are so good ?


  5. Jeff, both of those sound great.

    Janice, my aversion to English peas is because they never thaw out and remain hard as marbles. If only they tasted as good as marbles… 😉

    Tony, this may cause you to question my salvation, but I don’t eat tomatoes. I will, however, be glad to fellowship with you over a nice plate of tender asparagus.

    Bro. Ron, both broccoli and fordhooks are good, but I believe those lima beans grow up wishing they were butterbeans.

  6. Tim A. Blankenship

    If beets are vegetable, then, that is my favorite; especially pickled.
    Other than that I would say carrots cooked without water or raw.

  7. Okra – any way you wanna do it’s fine by me. Fry it, bake it, boil it, sprinkle it with a little lemon fresh Joy… it’s all the same to me. 😀

  8. fried green tomatoes with gravy on top! mmm good! 😉

  9. A mess of collard greens

  10. I’ll probably pass on the beets, but the carrots, okra, fried green tomatoes and collard greens all sound great.

    Who’s bringing the cornbread?

  11. I just realized there is an apparent contradiction between a couple of my comments on tomatoes.

    I don’t like red tomatoes. I’ve tried to like them. I want to like them. I love ketchup, I just don’t like red tomatoes.

    Fried green tomatoes, however, are another story.

  12. ya know we don’t like ketchup , but we like red tomatoes, 😉

    Gordon, have you ever try the yellow one, they have a different taste,

    going to pick the last of the green tomatoes today,

    going to have fried green tomatoes,beans and corn bread , tonite, 😉

  13. Morning everyone,

    After reading about all this good tasteing food , my tapeworms just had a panic attack !?!!


  14. Janice, I haven’t tried the yellow ones. Your supper menu sounds tempting, though.

    Bro. Ron, this will get your mouth to watering that’s for sure.

    Matthew, fried onions are another of my favorites. Actually, though, I’ll eat onions about any way I can get them.

  15. Matthew ,

    I’ll agree with the fried onions , what I call blooming onions with a little dipping sauce ?

    I’ll want refuse a good old 1/2 in slice of vidalia onion made into a sandwich with a little mustard on it ?


  16. Ima have to go with fried okra. It is from God. Second will of course be green beans.

  17. Gordon, my husband said to say thank for bringing up the cornbread. 😉 went good with the beans,

    now I like fried okra, the only way i will it., love onions ,

    now talking about all this food is making me hungry!
    C ya 🙂

  18. Adam…you’re alive! 🙂

    Thanks, everybody, for participating. Just FYI, my wife cooked some very nice squash and creamed corn to go with our Sunday dinner yesterday.

  19. Fired okra for me as well though I’ve yet to acquire the urge to slap anyone while eating it. I love butter beans too and most of the comments here have my mouth watering…oh! It’s lunch time! 😉

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