Out To Lunch

   I am in the middle of what has been a very busy week that is showing no signs of slowing down. For that reason, I haven’t had much time for posting this week.

   I probably will not be able to post again until next week when, hopefully, I will have time to sit down and think about what I am writing. 🙂

   I have intentions of following up on the statement that I posted last week as well as a couple of other things that are circulating through my brain. In the meantime, enjoy the blogs that are on my blogroll and check back with me next week.

 God bless!


8 responses to “Out To Lunch

  1. so are ya really busy, or just out to lunch? 😉

    take care!

  2. What I like about you is that you are not addicted to this blogging thing. I nominated you for a Thinking Bloggers Award over at my blog.

  3. Hurry up! Where are your priorities man??


  4. Ain’t any of ya’ll a little bit envious Me getting to hear His blogging messages first ? If you trying to find some good reading go over to Amy’s blog and receive a blessing ! http://amycloud.wordpress.com/ or click on Byway Blessings on sidebar > Blessings. Ron.

  5. Can’t believe I haven’t located this good joint before. Even if it is a S. Baptist one. Nice going. I came here from Beverly’s place. I’ll be back.

  6. Janice, sometimes lunch is serious business for me. 🙂

    Beverly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. You are very kind.

    KC, that is the question of my life. 😉

    Bro. Ron, you are a good friend.

    Paul, it is good to have you here. Come on in and make yourself at home.

  7. I finally get time to stop by…and you’re not here *snort*

  8. Hope your schedule is full of life-giving activities.


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