Fearless Predictions

I realize that college football season started last week, so maybe this is fudging just a little. However, my Seminoles don’t play their first game until tomorrow evening so, technically, the season hasn’t started for me.

Here are a few random predictions for the world of college football.

Oklahoma and West Virginia will play for the national championship with the Mountaineers taking home the hardware. As much as I would like to see Georgia do it this year, the SEC schedule is simply murder. Oklahoma on the other hand has a much softer schedule (I can hear Missouri fans screaming at me now) and the tools to get it done. If first-year coach, Bill Stewart, can keep the ‘Eers focused through the Big East schedule, they will win this rematch of last year’s Fiesta Bowl.

Florida State will win 10 games in the regular season (I told you these were fearless predictions). I hate to admit it, but Florida will probably prevail again this year and possibly Wake Forest. After last week, though, I have to believe our guys can play with Clemson, Virginia Tech and the rest of the ACC. New quarterback Christian Ponder will bring a better arm and more mobility to Jimbo Fisher’s offense and if the defensive line can stay healthy, the Seminole nation just may be back on the warpath.

Michigan will have a losing record.

Alabama will win the Western Division of the SEC.

Contrary to Lou Holtz’ predictions, Notre Dame will NOT go undefeated this year, but they probably will beat Michigan.

UCLA will upset USC and knock them out of the BCS Championship game.

USC will beat Ohio State, but the Buckeyes will beat Michigan.

Penn State will beat Michigan, but Bobby Bowden will finish the season ahead of Joe Pa in total victories.

Utah will be the surprise team in the BCS picture this year. After all, they have already beat Michigan in the Big House.

Michigan fans will attempt to hang this blog in effigy.

You heard it here, first, except for the part about Ohio State beating Michigan. The news is all over Ohio right now.

What sayeth thee, noble and informed reader?


7 responses to “Fearless Predictions

  1. I won’t yell at ya !
    cause I’m a Seminoles fan myself! 😉

  2. Well, you know, Bobby’s victories are not all in I-A ball….some of them are from Samford.

    JoePa has his problems again this week with players getting into trouble. Three are suspended for this week’s game, and one has been booted off the team.

  3. You are fearless, aren’t you? 🙂 I’ll go with you on the Seminoles, Florida and Bama..as well as Georgia No winning it all…Sorry folks that’s all I got…SEC and Florida teams are all I know…lol

  4. The ‘Noles looked good last night, Janice. I definitely believe 10 wins is possible this year.

    Beverly, a win is a win is a win. 🙂

    JG, the SEC is a powerhouse conference this year and most years.

    After ECU thrashed West Virginia yesterday, I probably am going to have make another pick for national champion, maybe Oklahoma. Also, I’ve got to give some props to ECU as a non-BCS team. Two weeks into the season and those boys are already making some serious noise.

  5. Don’t let LSU running all over us fool you. I fearlessly predict that Appalachian State will win its fourth consecutive FCS National Championship.

    Hey, last time we faced LSU, they shut us out. So, we improved enough to score against them this time! 😉

  6. Steve, you’re alive! 😉

    Appy State is a FCS powerhouse. I wouldn’t bet against them on that fourth consecutive championship. (Neither would Michigan, hehehe).

    Great to hear from you.

  7. Yep, I’m alive, and almost ready to rejoin the world of the living! The last month or so has been extremely hectic with my new job, but it is about to settle down significantly. I knew going into this five-month contract that it was “loaded on the front end”, meaning the first 4-6 weeks would be unbearable and then things would slow down to a crawl.

    I’m ready for the slow down now 🙂

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