What’s Up?

I hadn’t intended to let this much time slide by without posting. Time flies when you’re busy.

My family and I had a very nice (albeit short) vacation. We watched the Braves get clobbered, ate some good barbecue, visited a church where the preacher didn’t even carry a Bible into the pulpit, visited Callaway Gardens, hiked all the way to the bottom of Providence Canyon and hiked all the way to the top again (those who know me realize what an accomplishment THAT was!), came home for Clay to have his little procedure done (still waiting on the results), watched as he and his baseball team battled hard to take second place in their league tournament, put up fifteen gallons of snap beans and ten gallons of squash, picked five gallons each of butterbeans and black-eyed peas, been sick (along with my youngest, Glen) for the last three days with some kind of bug, and amidst it all still have been having church and ministry going on.

What’s up with you? 😉


13 responses to “What’s Up?

  1. Deacon & Usher were here…

  2. Deacon and Usher, glad you stopped by.
    (Do I know you?)

  3. Thanks for the update. I hope you’re all feeling better but even though you all remain in our prayers.

  4. Gordon,
    It is good to see a pastor who is a good family man. How was the sermon with the preacher without a Bible in the pulpit. I know that would bother me.
    Hope you are doing better with the “bug”, maybe I should say without it.

  5. I’ve been to see the Tampa Bay Rays play (and win.) However, they’re not winning right now in Boston.

    Today I was at a day of prayer with my former co-workers, mainly Haiti missionaries. That is always a good time for prayer, food, and fellowship.

    Right now I’m listening to a live feed from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation about exciting news about new drugs for CF. Yay!

  6. KC, thanks for the prayers.

    TA, I hate to say it, but it really wasn’t much of a sermon. If he had not very loosely alluded to John 3:16, there would have been absolutely zero scriptural content in what he said.

    Bev, I do hope and pray that those new drugs for CF will be beneficial.

  7. I’ve been busy working and being a dad. Life is good, man. 😀

  8. I hear you, Misawa. I can see you grinning from here. 🙂

  9. Glad you had a good time Gordon!

    “didn’t even carry a Bible into the pulpit”

    ..I am guessing that you were disappointed with his message?

  10. Bob, you would be guessing right.

  11. At a lot of the churches where I preach, there is already a Bible left in the pulpit, so I don’t need to carry one in there.

    Was that not the case in this church?

  12. Matthew, indeed it wasn’t the case. The preacher had a very elaborate Powerpoint presentation, but there was not scripture in it either. Had he not very loosely referred to John 3:16 (did not quote, just referenced), there would have been absolutely zero biblical content in what he said.

  13. Gordon,
    As to the comment about the Bible in the pulpit, when a man goes to war he needs his own Sword!

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