Weekend Survey

Man, this week has really flown by. I had hoped to have a somewhat reflective survey this weekend, but just did not have time to correctly articulate the topic, maybe next week.

So, for this week, it’s free advertising again. Feel free to post about your blog, or one you have been enjoying recently. Just remember to make sure it is family-friendly. You can include a link if you like.

I hope you have a blessed and safe weekend.


3 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Alright, a free link 🙂

    I have been posting about a vision I had about a week ago. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. I guess since the State of Missouri is having a vote Nov. 07 on a Constitutional Ammendment concerning Cloning I have become quite interested in a blog by Jennifer Lahl. It is called The Human Future and is very informative concerning bioethics and things concerning stemcell research, and other things related.
    Thanks Gordon.

  3. Not really a plug for my blog, but I’ve decided to devote a portion of my free time (as much free time as a pastor of a congregation of 1350 gets) to a new writing venture.

    Mondaymorninginsight.com is now running a piece from me every Tuesday morning.

    The first two can be found by clicking below.

    Thanks for the outlet, Pastor Gordon!



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