Georgia Baptist Convention

For the last three days, my family and I have been in attendance at the Georgia Baptist Convention. This year it was held at First Baptist Church of Jonesboro.

I wish to commend those who planned this year’s meeting. The spirit was absolutely phenomenal, much more so than one would normally expect at a business meeting. While much important business was dealt with, the emphasis seemed to be on refocusing on Christ. The┬ámusic was the best it has ever been and the preaching was outstanding.

I also would like to congratulate my dad on being elected as one of our vice-presidents. This is a well-deserved honor and I know he will serve our convention well in this new opportunity that God has opened.

5 responses to “Georgia Baptist Convention

  1. Sounds like a great meeting. Congratulations to Poppadoc on the VP election. I just want to know when he and Obama are going to get this economy straightened out!

  2. Morning Bro. Gordon,

    Congratulations to Bro. Ken ! I have no doubt He will serve and be a blessing to all He comes in contact with ! I’m glad ya’ll had a safe trip and You recieved many blessings !


  3. I know that your conference is better because of the men in your family. Congratulations to your dad!

  4. Gordon,
    I read about your convention over at BP; liked what I was reading. Sounds like you have a pretty solid State Convention.

  5. Thanks, Bro. Tim. I must say we are blessed in Georgia with some solid, conservative leadership. Thankfully, the solid majority of the state’s churches are like-minded.

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