Weekend Survey–Leadership Qualities

   For this weekend’s survey, let us consider this question: “What three leadership qualities do you consider to be the most important?”

   While we are currently under the spectre of a national election, this survey is not aimed just on the political. I am speaking of leadership in general. While this obviously includes elected leaders, it would also apply to church leaders, community leaders, work leaders, etc.

   Here are my answers in no particular order:

  • Vision–a leader must have an idea of where he is taking his followers.
  • Discernment–a leader must know the difference between right and wrong.
  • Determination–a leader must commit to his vision and remain so, despite the obstacles.

What do you think? I am interested to hear your opinions.

Have a blessed and safe weekend.


7 responses to “Weekend Survey–Leadership Qualities

  1. I like your list Gordon. Here are a few to consider..

    + passion.. a fire in his/her belly.. similar to vision but more from the heart than the head..

    + wisdom.. especially in the advisers he/she surrounds themselves with..

    + flexibility.. must have a fluid vision.. one that changes with wisdom..

    + inspiration.. great leaders inspire with their words and their actions.. they must inspire by example..

    + love.. goes to motive.. a great leader must have a deep love for all the people that they lead.. if not they might just be another Saddam Hussein.

  2. 1. Character;
    2. Integrity;
    3. Honesty.


  3. hmmm… I guess my list would be a little different…

    1. Service
    2. Concern for others
    3. Transparency


  4. 1. Love
    2. Humility
    3. Integrity

    of course, 2 and 3 will naturally exist if 1 does.

  5. 1. Character
    2. Integrity
    3. Humility

  6. I consider these AMONG the most important:

    1. Big picture thinking
    2. Communication/motivation
    3. Example

    Of course that is strictly from a secular point of view. Spiritual leadership requires these, but at a lesser priority to moral and spiritual issues.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your participation. Having interacted with each of you for quite some time now, I know that the values each of you cited are important to you. I believe every quality that has been listed can certainly be found in the life of the Greatest Leader who ever lived.

    God help us to lead like Jesus.

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