Does Joe the Senator know something we don’t? According to this report from ABC news, the Democratic VP hopeful seems to be either a prophet, or have inside information.

   File this one under, “Things That Make You Go, ‘Hmmmmm'”.

HT: Russ Childs

7 responses to “Intriguing

  1. More of Biden saying what he thinks (and sounding pompous doing it). Sounds like we’re in for more of the same as the past several years. A president making those “difficult and unpopular” decisions due to a national crisis.

    Here’s my prediction. If a crisis comes, those who supported Bush’s decisions will criticize Obama. And those who have criticized Bush will defend Obama. Some things never change.

    BTW . . .I love how the report referred to the Bush “regime.” Nice objective word choice there, ABC.

  2. Yep I am going Hmmmm

  3. Just out of curiosity, are you implying that perhaps Obama/Biden have ties to terrorists through which they are getting inside information?

  4. Hey, I didn’t write the article and I didn’t make the guarantee. 😉

  5. Actually, Steve, I would probably lean toward Biden being a prophet. I mean, after all, according to Revelation, doesn’t the Antichrist pal around with the False Prophet?

    (For all who don’t know me, that statement is entirely tongue-in-cheek. I do not believe that Obama is either the Messiah or the Antichrist. By his own admission, he is from Krypton and that does not fulfill any related prophecy to the aforementioned individuals.)

  6. Steve, to seriously answer your question, I am not suggesting ties between Biden and terrorists. The authority with which he guarantees an event does suggest that perhaps he has some inside information, but this is probably due to his senatorial status.

    Then again, maybe that qualifies as terroristic connections…:-)

    As far as Obama is concerned, I still have nagging questions about his connection with Bill Ayers.

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