Lakefront Property

Tropical Storm Fay payed us a visit this weekend dumping a grand total of 21.5 inches of rain in a 36 hour period. In addition, we had about 4-5 hours of tropical storm-force winds and our lights were out for about 20 hours.

Given all of this and the fact that I live at the low end of my neighborhood, I can now say that I live on lakefront property…for a while, anyway.

Thankfully, it’s not in the house.


11 responses to “Lakefront Property

  1. Yikes.. praying all stays dry at your place!!

  2. Oh my, what if it had been a hurricane! They said in the paper today that this tropical storm has just about done as much damage as a hurricane.

    Where I live in Florida seems to be in a protected area. It is said that when the Indians could sense a storm coming, they would come here for shelter. Charlie was supposed to hit us. It didn’t. TS Fay was to come in on us. It didn’t. We’ve had a fair amount of rain, but nothing like other folks have had….certainly not like you. I hope you dry out o.k.

  3. Glad to hear that it’s not in your house!

    ya don’t got any critters in your lakefront do ya? 😕

    didn’t ya say ya liked fishing well now , ya can just throw you line out the front door! 😉

    just kidding, but am glad y’all are ok!

  4. I appreciate the prayers and well-wishes. Please pray for my wife. We had a little leak last night and she slipped on the wet tile and fell down a couple of steps. She didn’t break anything, but she is very sore and bruised today.

    Janice, I don’t have any critters that I have seen, but my neighbor sure had a fine chorus of frogs in his yard last night. 😉

  5. please tell Amy I’m sorry that she fell 😕 hope that she get to feeling better soon, 🙂

  6. Bro. Gordon, do give Sis. Amy our best. Hate to hear about that. I do hope she is OK. We also had a leak spring up around our chimney. Never happened before but the sideways rain found it. May have lost a shingle, won’t know till I get up there.

    I can’t remember ever having 21+ inches of rain before, even in the flood of ’94 and hope to never experience it again. But, we are thankful, we fared better than others.

    Soooo, when we goin’ fishin’??

  7. Thanks for the prayers, everybody.

    Bro. Russ, rain isn’t supposed to be sideways, but it sure was, wasn’t it? Hope your roof is alright. I saw earlier today where your neighbor’s cornfield was pretty well flattened.

  8. Hi Bro. Gordon,

    We can now say we have been blessed with rain ? I cain’t explain how our electrical grid work is laid out but I do know that the little street by my house had electricity including me all but about 3 hours ! Newark church and houses on both sides of me , their power was out from Friday night untill Sunday Morning ? I feel sorry about the little boy that was sucked into the drain pipe at Deer Lake , and didn’t make it and the guy that tried to save him is in critical condition at Hospital ! Those 4 vehicles that got sweeped off highway 84 with water crossing the highway were lucky they were not hurt ?

    I’m doing fair to middling fussing with Authur and his kinfolks but my whole right hand is terrible sore . Hadn’t been doing much typing but just wanted to yell at you ?


  9. Bro. Ron, I’m glad you weathered the storm safely. I do hope Arthur will leave you alone and your hand will feel better.

    That’s the first I have heard of the incidents with the storm that you mentioned. I really hate to hear that.

  10. Bro. Gordon,
    I am glad to hear you got some rain, though it was a downpour and a flood. Happy for you that it didn’t get into your house, and that Amy was not hurt.
    Those wet steps don’t help things much. I am praying for you and family, and all who are affected by Fay.

  11. We appreciate the prayers, Bro. TA.

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