Ya’ Think?

I couldn’t believe this news headline:

Experts Say Gasoline Is Overpriced


It appears that only when Congress hears from “Experts” do they get the message.

Speaking of which, someone once broke down the word “expert” for me. “Ex” is “has-been”, “spurt” is “a squirt under pressure.”

4 responses to “Ya’ Think?

  1. Duh Yea, I just love some of the “educated” expert answers to problems. You need not be a rocket scientist to understand the price of crude oil and gasoline are over sold when compared to the ‘real’ supply and demand.

    This is most likely the same guy that said crop circles are aliens attempt to communicate with the people of earth!

  2. That sounds like some of those studies that are done that cost thousands and when you read the results, the same expression comes out…duh.

    We must have known the same person. I heard that definition years ago for expert.

  3. Gordon,
    Someone told me the other day that if you take the level of inflation and compare prices from even in the sixties that gasoline is about the same as everything else.
    Now I am not defending the price of gas. I too think it is TOO HIGH. It sure is hurting the pocket book worse than it ever did, and I am driving less.

  4. Bev, it’s amazing how much of the taxpayer’s money Congress is willing to spend to obtain obvious answers.

    Bro. TA, I can’t vouch for the sixties, but compared to a couple of years ago, gas is very high.

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