Congratulations, Bro

It is my honor to announce that my brother, Cameron, is graduating tonight from Piedmont Baptist College in Winston-Salem, N.C. with a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.

Cameron has been working faithfully for some time now to complete this degree. His dedication has caused him to be the recipient of a fine scholarship that will allow him to pursue his Ph.D., for which he had already been accepted in the doctoral program.

Congratulations, Cameron. We are all proud of you and thankful for the way that God is using you. Keep up the good work.


11 responses to “Congratulations, Bro

  1. Congratulations, Cameron! Best wishes for great success in life, in ministry and in your relationship with the King!

  2. I am always excited to see one of God’s children succeed in pursuit of the Gospel.

    Carry my congratulations to Cameron! I know the Lord is smiling down in pride!

  3. Gordon,
    It is good to see your brother Cameron doing well in education. It is quite a struggle to do and care for a family as well.
    It is good to see a brother appreciating the other too.
    God Bless you

  4. Palms of Victory

    Your Mama and I are so thrilled at this accomplishment. We are praying for God to continue to be with you as you continue to further train yourself for His service.
    Daddy and Mama.

  5. WooHoo!
    way to go C !!!!!!!!! 😉

  6. What a wonderful accomplishment!

  7. did the storms miss ya , this weekend?

  8. Thanks, Gordon and all. I appreciate the encouragement of your kind words.

  9. Hip, hip, hooray! and praise the Lord for the scholarship! selahV

  10. i feel like saying something, i belong to a works church, but have been bothered a little lately, when appreciation is not there for for the savior,s great gift of salvation irregardless of what we do

  11. Barlow, it’s good to hear from you on this. I truly believe that salvation is all about the work that Jesus has done. We should never fail to be appreciative to Him for that.

    God bless.

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