Weekend Survey

Christmas is in the air!

Most of us have many traditions that we observe during this time. Some are old, some a little newer. For the enjoyment of all and the sake of getting better acquainted with one another, would you mind sharing with us some of your traditions? Perhaps an old and a new?

 Our family has always opened one gift on Christmas Eve. (That was an old one.)

On a newer note, for the last three years we have begun using an Advent wreath. It has led to some very meaningful times of family worship.

How about you?

7 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. We do the “one gift on Christmas Eve,” as well. I love it.

    We have lots of traditions:

    A new one is that we begin the season by watching “A Christmas Carol” (The George C. Scott version, of course). This is only new because it used to be “White Christmas.”

    Along with that, we drive around on Christmas Eve and scout out the really AWESOME light displays while we sing Christmas carols. What a fun time!

    Also, a few years ago we began going to “The Journey to Bethlehem” which is a reenactment of the journey…well…to Bethlehem. It’s sponsered by a Church in Wyndham, NH and it absolutely FANTSTIC. It takes place outside and you go “from town to town” with your “family” (which is comprised of whatever group of people you happened to be in the same room with). There is a member of the church who is your “leading family member” serving as a guide as we walke through the Journey and finally find the baby Jesus under a star that is hung WAY high up in a pine tree.

    We also purchase some goodies from Swiss Colony. YUMMY!!!

    There are a few others. But I suppose I’ll let someone else talk.

  2. may eye ask what isa Advent wreath is? 😕

    and as for traditions , we don’t have any, unless playing my CD of the Statler Bros. christmas songs over and over again . is 1 😉

  3. We have several:
    1. We do an Advent wreath, which, like you mentioned above, makes for some awesome family worship time.
    2. We have green punch after attending Christmas Eve service . . . just ginger ale and lime sherbet. Everyone loves it.
    3. The kids open gifts from one set of grandparents on Christmas Eve.
    4. On Christmas Eve we decorate with streamers, balloons and make signs to hang with our favorite verses from Isaiah and the gospels regarding Jesus’ birth.
    5. Christmas morning, after family presents we have a birthday party for Jesus. It’s the one morning a year we have birthday cake for breakfast. It’s always a great time of thankfulness and praise. There’s a candle for each person to blow out.
    6. Oh, and pre-Christmas we also do the “What God Wants For Christmas” activities; We decorate the house; We bring out our favorite Christmas music and favorite Christmas books.

  4. DK, sounds like y’all have a great time. Being in NH gives you the added blessing of the possibility of snow.

    C’mon, everyone sing it, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”

    Janice, the Advent wreath is a wreath and candles that you light a different one each Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each candle has a special significance and you read Scripture and sing carols that fit. It’s really neat.

    Kerri, welcome to HH. Thanks for sharing your traditions, they really sound like you have a meaningful season.

  5. Don’t you know Epithany is not until January?

  6. sure missing a good weekend survey 😕

    hope all R well your way!!!!!!!

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