Trophies of Grace

From time to time I post reviews of concerts that I attend. Occasionally I have mentioned the Lighthouse Children’s Home that has sung at a few of these concerts.

We were blessed, yesterday, to have these young ladies come to Pine Park Baptist Church. They were with us in the morning worship service. As they sang and testified, the presence of God was manifested. Those who were in attendance yesterday expressed over and over to me what a tremendous blessing the service was.

They sang a number of songs, including a few a capella numbers that were really nice. Two songs in particular, though, that really touched my heart were the classic, “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away” and a newer song that I had not heard before, “Trophies of Grace”.

As I sat and listened to these young ladies whose lives had been derailed by the world, and yet had been transformed by a relationship with God, I could not help but feel a deeper appreciation for God’s grace.

The group travels throughout the southeast. I highly recommend them for your church. If you would be interested in contacting them, you can do so through their website.


4 responses to “Trophies of Grace

  1. morning,
    I bet that was a blessings to hear them! I love them 2 songs !

    have a great day!

  2. Bro Gordon,
    I can truly say that the hardships those young ladies have had to deal with in their lives, that they were appreciative and thankful for those that led them to the Lighthouse ! Gods love shown from all of them ?

    Their performance truly blessed me !


  3. It was a wonderful day! I received a great blessing from these girls.

  4. I posted those “cloud” pictures just for you.

    I don’t know the song “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away” but I do like the title. I think we can all identify with that.

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