Sorry, Y’all

  I’m sorry that I have been so absent in posting this week. It’s been sort of busy in my neck of the woods the last few days. Hopefully, things will settle down soon and I will have time to start thinking again.


6 responses to “Sorry, Y’all

  1. I totally understand, Gordon. It’s been a while since I have been able to focus on my own blog. Getting around to everyone else’s is even more difficult. I have this feeling that I am missing out on some really great conversations!

  2. I think we all understand. There are more important things than blogging.

  3. There really is no excuse. I could scold you and show your scorn for not posting. And you could reply that such would be very hypocritical on my part, given as how I can go months without posting. But neither I, nor yourself, will stoop to that. I will simply say that lack of blogging is a very naughty thing that we all do…so its alright.

    However, not thinking? That is another matter. You should always think.

  4. I think, therefore I blog.

    (That doesn’t mean everytime I think, I blog; or that everytime I blog, I have thought.)

  5. DK and Beverly, thanks for your understanding.

    Adam and Cameron, I think if you two ever met you would really hit it off. There’s something about the way you two think that seems very similar at times.

    (And don’t say, “It’s sofystication”.) 🙂

  6. Morning !
    have a great week 😉

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