Weekend Survey

The family and I are going to go down to St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge (pictured in my header) to do some hiking and birding this afternoon. We have plans for a picnic supper and hopefully the bald eagles have returned after the summer.

As majestic as the eagles are, however, I would have to say that the bird that fascinates me the most is the Great Blue Heron. These birds have some amazing beauty and I never get tired of watching them hunt for supper in the wading pools with the sun setting in the background.

So, with that in mind, this week’s survey is for the birds. Which bird is your favorite?

God bless and have a great weekend.

Oh, yeah, the ‘Noles are gonna take Alabama down hard!


23 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. T. A. Blankenship

    For the birds, Huh?
    My favorite is the eagle. It really doesn’t matter which one. They are a majestic bird, and it fits with Isaiah 40:31 which is about my favorite Bible verse.
    There is another reason, but one that would take a page or two to tell.
    Thanks Gordon for your articles on knowing God’s will.

  2. I have to agree, eagles and Isaiah 40:31 are my favorite as well. I guess great minds DO think alike.

  3. Peregrine Falcons have always been a personal favorite. I always wanted to raise and train one as a teen, but the are prohibitively expensive. They are one of the most fantastic predatory birds on earth, and among the most intelligent.

    Peregrine Falcons have been studied by aerospace engineers and skydiving enthusiasts to learn how they are able to achieve amazing speeds when they tuck their wings into a dive posture in order to strike at prey from above.

    Simply amazing examples of God’s design!

  4. Yeah, I love eagles. And just for “the mystique,” I think Ravens are cool.

  5. About a year ago, while walking to my car at school, I heard a screech from atop a phone pole and saw a Falcon (not sure what kind) perched atop. What happened next was absolutely breathtaking: he swooped down off his perch and grabbed – out of the air! – a crow that was flying across his path and pinned him to the ground. Honestly, I think a girl walking nearby fainted. Then again, she may have just been “playing dead.”

  6. have good time ! 😉

    use to be the eagles and hawks, but since we are raising chickens , like my chickens better 🙂

  7. Sounds kind of like the NFL in here what with all the Eagles, Falcons and Ravens. 🙂

    Janice, I love chickens, especially with some of the veggies we talked about last week.

    As it turns out, we didn’t get to go on our outing. At the last minute, one of the young ‘uns turned out sick.

  8. am sorry the young’un got sick 😕

    Don’t let them hear say that , they will stop laying eggs , 😛

  9. LOL…I love all birds EXCEPT the Great Blue Heron. There is one that has helped himself to the fish in my pond for the last couple of years. the pond is 150 X 200 ft and 15 ft deep. I have some very huge and valuable koi, and this menace sees nothing wrong with skewering $1000 fish!

  10. Well, as long as they are a-layin’ I guess we have a reason to let them live, huh, Janice? 😉

    Now, Bonnie, what in the world are you doing letting a $1,ooo fish run around outside the house? :-0

  11. don’t ya know 😉

    if ya want to C some of them, go over to my other blog and take a look!

    how is your sick one a doin?

    hi Bonnie

  12. I love the pelican.

    Yes, how about South Florida!!! The Tampa area was so excited.

    And what about Florida? I’m sitting here in the motel room watching this game. Oh, my!

    Did FSU beat Alabama? I didn’t see the final score.

  13. Oh, yes, Penn State. I heard updates of the game today in the car as I was driving up through Georgia and South Carolina. I don’t know. One of the commentators made the statement that people want them to do well because of JoePa.

    I think I need to transfer my loyalties to South Florida since they’re right in my back yard. They’re more exiciting, to say the least.

  14. Hi Jel!

    Gordon, that’s how I grow them…LOL…in the wild. It makes them huge and very expensive 🙂

  15. Janice, the sick are better now, thanks.

    Beverly, FSU beat Alabama 21-14. Then the day got even better when Auburn beat Florida.

    Bonnie, what does $1,ooo fish taste like? 🙂

  16. Yes, but South Florida rules right now. I couldn’t believe that Florida/Auburn game. I don’t think Florida could either. Have you read anything about Tim Tebow. There was a good article about him in the St. Pete Times before the season started. It speaks of his faith, being homeschooled, and short-term missionary trip to the Philippines. I get the impression that his parents must have been missionaries. I’m sure that Tim Ellsworth has probably blogged about him or referred to articles.

  17. I’ve pretty much read the same stuff you have, Beverly. Tim’s sister married the son of a fellow pastor here in Cairo and so I have heard some things through that channel. From all I hear, he is an outstanding, Christian young man.

  18. Eagles fascinate me, as well as the biblical references to them. Love that tranquil scene in your blog header! Hope all is well!

  19. My favorite bird, despite how gay this sounds, is the hummingbird. Anything that can move that fast deserves mad props. All others compare in relation to the uber fast little spunkmeister….

  20. Vicki, thanks for stopping by.

    Hummingbirds are cool, Adam, and I don’t think you’re gay. 😉

  21. The Wedge Tailed Eagle of Australia (my place) is definitely my favorite bird. The size and power of the bird is awesome.

    My least favorite bird is definitely the “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Brush-turkey”>Australian Brush Turkey. There is one making a nest in the front court yard of my apartment block. Birds nests are usually nice, but the brush turkey makes a huge mound of leaves on the ground, easily 3-5 meters (10-15) feet in diameter and half that high. The female lays the eggs in the mound and the male regulates the temperature of the eggs by continually adding or removing plant matter to or from the mound. A HUGE MESS.

  22. Sorry it took so long to get over here, Gordon. It looks like I’m not the only eagles fan around here.

    (No…not the team. I’m a true New Englander and ALWAYS root for the Pats, baby!)

    I have done some really fun volunteer work with the Audubon tracking the wintering eagles in New Hampshire. It doesn’t get any more exciting that sitting on a freezing cold, totally-exposed-to-the-elements, train trestle that crosses a river while watching for signs of those brown beauties! Hot cuppa coffee at my side and I’m good to go!

    When my kids are older (ie; when I believe they won’t jump off the trestle into the river) I’ll get them involved, too.

  23. MDM, you Aussies have some pretty amazing critters down there! 🙂

    DK, somehow I figured you would say eagles were your favorite.

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