Somebody in Atlanta…

   I had intended to post something substantive earlier today, but alas, my internet access has been down for several hours and has just come back on.

    After some investigation, I found out that somebody in Atlanta cut a fiber-optic cable and knocked out service to all of my ISP’s clients in the entire southern part of Georgia.

   I know that it wasn’t any of my readers who live in the Atlanta area…was it? 😉


7 responses to “Somebody in Atlanta…

  1. Are you impressed with how quickly I got back to New Hampshire after the ol’ snipparoo?

    Yep! My little ’98 Hyundai Accent is a serious roadster!

  2. For I don’t know how long, EarthLink Web Mail subscribers could not receive in a timely manner web mail from BellSouth subscribers; unfortunately, those who did not speak up about delayed email were unlikely to learn anything about the problem. They’ve both got headquarters in metro Atlanta. Doesn’t EarthLink contract to use BellSouth/AT&T pipes? So that situation was hard to figure out, and even now seems to make no sense.

    Not long ago an EarthLink blog stated that EarthLink had a talk with BellSouth, and that Earthlink could henceforth access BellSouth servers to retrieve email. Wow. Communication, anyone?

  3. Sorry bout that. I returned the back-hoe to Home Depot this morning. 😀

  4. That’s what they get for cutting the blue wire.

  5. Those little Hyundai’s can be pedalled pretty fast.

    Wiredizzy, I don’t know if Earthlink is with AT&T or not, but I do happen to know that this was an AT&T problem. My ISP apparently contracts with their system as well.

    Misawa, I had a suspicion you might have been involved.

    Cameron, just think of what might have happened if they had cut the red wire.

  6. is that why no one is talking? 😕

  7. I think that is the worst feeling when you have no access to the net and have no idea why.

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