Weekend Survey

   There certainly has been a lot of news lately about baseball. Pennant races are heating up and several star players have reached notable milestones.

   What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite player (current or retired)?

   I am a Braves fan and my favorite player would probably be John Smoltz. I love to watch him pitch when he has his good stuff.

14 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. I follow the Pittsburgh Pirates (they spring train in Bradenton), and, because I would love to see them win a game from time to time, I follow the Tampa Bay D-Rays. If they could only get a bull pen, they might win a few more. Carl Crawford is probably my favorite on the Rays team.

    Mark McGwire was our favorite while my son was growing up. My son has reddish hair and played first base. People told him that he reminded them of Mark. We followed him from his days with the A’s until he retired from the Cardinals. I only wish….

  2. Padres

    Tony Gwyenn

    Today- Khalil Greene

  3. Braves
    Greg Maddux – current
    Dale Murphy – retired

  4. I’ve been a Braves fan since the rotten years of baby blue uniforms and free concerts.

    Brian Jordan has been an all-time fave of mine, though after last night, I could become a Rick Ankiel fan. What a story!

  5. Bro. Gordon I have no preference of a professional team because I don’t watch them ! I do ocassionally watch a braves game ? Ever since my thoughts have been that a group of professional baseball players that make so much money and get involved in so much trouble its just not much fun to me ? It seems to me that they don’t have the respect of our kids growing up ?
    However I love to watch the little league world series kids because they hadn’t learned all the meaness yet ?

    Warner Robins Ga team beat the little league team from Mobile Ala. last night to move up closer to playing in Pennslyvania in the world series !

    Blessings and see you sunday if I don’t get run over by a herd of lightered knots trying to find a shade ?


  6. I grew up a Phillies fan. I don’t follow baseball much anymore, but the Phillies are still “my team”.

    Even though they are the first professional team in ANY sport to have lost 10,000 games…..sigh

    My favorite player from there was Steve Carlton, a left-handed pitcher from the 70’s and 80’s.

  7. when I was a kid it was the Reds,

    but now it is the Cards!

    And Johnny Bench, and Lee Smith were my fav. Jim Edwards

  8. We do not play Baseball in the UK.

  9. we all know I can’t spell, 😕

    that should be Jim Edmonds

  10. I’ve been a Braves fan since I was a little kid and we could get into the Atlanta/Fulton County Stadium for a few $ and sit anywhere we wanted. I still love the Braves, but I don’t watch too much these days. Right now my fave player is John Smoltz too. But I also like Francouer (SP?) as he went to my brother’s alma mater 🙂

  11. GO RED SOX!!!

    Tim Wakefield is by far my favorite player. He’s just so obnoxiously humble that it convicts me. He has been a key player for the Bo-Sox for a very long time. Yep! Loyal and humble. That’s Tim.

  12. It’s great to see so many Braves fans. Thanks to the rest of you, too. I appreciate your participation. 🙂

    Steve, I grew up listening to the Phillies on WCAU out of Philadelphia. Carlton was a favorite of mine then, too.

    Danny, it’s good that you showed up or the AL wouldn’t have been represented at all. 😉

  13. Reds old school
    Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, they loved the game.

  14. Pirates. Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente

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