Burgers With the Big Dawg

   I had a great opportunity last night, along with about 1200 others to hear Mark Richt share his testimony at a hamburger supper. For those who do not know, Mark Richt is the head football coach at the University of Georgia.

   He gave a wonderful testimony of the circumstances God used to bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. His life had been built upon his love for football and his dreams of a professional career. When things didn’t work out as he planned, he followed the wrong voices for a time in his life, but through the witness of a former team mate and his new boss (FSU coach Bobby Bowden) he came to see his need of being saved.

    We hear so much today of the scandals and problems of athletes and coaches, it was very refreshing to find one who is willing to take a public stand for Christ.


6 responses to “Burgers With the Big Dawg

  1. Brandon and my Dad had a chance to hear Bobby Bowden speak a few years ago. His testimony was wonderful and they both enjoyed it immensly (and Brandon doesn’t even like football!).

    Glad you were able to go … Athens isn’t too far from me and it seems everyone around here is a Dawgs fan (myself not included 😉 )

  2. Mark Richt testifying for God… now THAT is grace! Go Jackets!

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself…)


  3. Bro. Gordon I forgot about the meeting , but I wish I had been there ! You are right about Mark Richt sharing his testimony every where He goes ! Blessings . Ron.

  4. Heather, I am a Seminole myself, but I do cheer for Georgia until they play FSU.

    Alan, that is funny!

    Bro. Ron, I believe you would have enjoyed it. He was very down-to-earth.

  5. I have known Bobby Bowden for years. We are not “friends,” but I have been in several conferences where he was the featured speaker or guest and we have spoken over the years…what a man!

    I Have never met Mark Richt, but wold love to.

  6. Joe, I have a great deal of respect for Bobby Bowden. One of my prized possessions is a personally autographed copy of his book.

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