Blogroll Update

   I have updated my blogroll. I have dropped a couple of links due to inactivity or technical problems.

   I have also added a couple of links that were long overdue. Both are frequent visitors and commentors here and I apologize to both of them for not adding them sooner.

   Lacoochee Kid is the blog of retired teacher, Beverly Whitcomb. She is involved in mission work and music from time to time. She also spends a lot of time in Virginia for some reason. She will be more than happy to tell you why. 🙂

   Misawa’s Musings is the site of my recent acquaintance, Galen Towns of Atlanta. He shares his thoughts on sports, culture and keeps abreast of certain issues relating to conservative politics.

   Check out both of these blogs and tell ’em Gordon sent you. Maybe they’ll give you a free t-shirt or something. (Or then again, maybe not.)


7 responses to “Blogroll Update

  1. Beverly, is a very super cool person, 😉

    will have to visit ,
    Misawa Musings, and say howdy!

    Boy Gordon if I were the ornery type, like Bro Ron.
    I would go over to their blogs , and tell them , what you said about the T-shirt, and if they wouldn’t go for it,

    you would owe me a T-shirt! 😉

  2. Bro Gordon I’ll have to agree that both have a nice blog ? I’m just wondering if Janice is telling the truth about me ? I just didn’t want to get any rumors started ? Blessings. Ron.

  3. maybe, it was Grandpaw , I should have said! I get confused easy 😕

  4. Janice I don’t care what anyone calls me as long as they call me in time to eat ? LOL. Ron.

  5. Let’s not talk about food please, since I can’t eat what I like anymore:(

    y’all have a great day! 😉

  6. Thanks, Gordon, for adding me to your blogroll.

  7. Thanks for the plug, Gordon. Now that this semester is over, I may get a chance to write a little more.

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