Weekend Survey

   Here in South Georgia, we are currently in the midst of one of the most beautiful spring times I have everseen. The dogwoods, azaleas, wisteria, spirea, plums, pears and redbud trees are breathtaking, and my personal favorites, the daylilies, have yet to begun blooming. In addition, we have a beautiful crop of new calves in the pasture as well as baby rabbits. (Life in the country is great!)

   For this weekend’s survey, why not tell us if anything is “springing” near you?

   God bless and have a great weekend.


9 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. achoo! achoo! POLLEN is springing! achoo!

  2. no fair!

    Its Autumn (Fall) here in Australia.

    However, even though we live almost in the center of Brisbane we have some wildlife about. (No not kangaroos)

    There is a family of Brush Turkeys who live nearby and visit our courtyard every morning and afternoon. Much to the delight of my 3 year old son and 18 month old daughter. Recently hatched, they fit into the “springing” categoey don’t they?


  3. Heather, I feel your pain.

    MDM, absolutely do those baby turkeys fit into the “springing” category.

  4. Among all those that you have all ready mentioned the pecan trees are starting to bloom, blueberries are finishing up, apple trees, mayhaw trees are finishing up, and it is starting to smell like heaven in my back yard because my citrus trees are starting to bloom! Blessings -See you Sunday! Ron.

  5. Central Mississippi seems to be more beautiful than ever this spring. We also had the most beautiful fall colors I can ever remember last fall.

  6. Tim A. Blankenship

    I certainly agree with you that it is great to live in the country. Of course, the country is where I grew up.
    One of the things I have noticed blooming or in bloom is the dogwood trees, and it seems that the oaks are beginning to leaf out earlier than before.
    The pollen is really getting to many people too.

  7. You know, Gordon, I was totally blown away when a couple old pots from last year, still sitting in my sideyard, decided to burst forth in blooms. Dianthus, I think they are. The neighborhood is blooming dogwoods and azaleas like crazy—always a pretty site. Had to get my doctor to prescribe something for my allergies, though. {sniff, sniff} But it’s worth the view:-)

  8. We are seeing a few flowers blooming, but it is very bittersweet, since the weatherman is forecasting snow showers here in the mountains. I guess I’ll pull out those sweaters again….

  9. Thanks for participating, everyone. Christy, I hope y’all don’t get snowed in up there. Keep plenty of coffee on hand, just in case. (You can always pretend it’s Starbuck’s!)

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