Roger Bennett Goes Home

   The Singing News reports that longtime Southern Gospel musician, Roger Bennett, has gone home to be with the Lord following an extended battle with leukemia.

   For many years in the earlier part of his career, Roger played piano with the Cathedral Quartet. After they disbanded, Roger and Scott Fowler continued on with Legacy Five. He is known for a great personality, tremendous talent and a love for the Lord.

   Two songs from Roger’s repertoire that will stick with me are some that he did with the Cathedrals. One from the mid-80’s was a number called “Homeland”, another was one he did later called, “Don’t Be Afraid”.

   He will be missed. Please pray for his wife and children during this time. Feel free to share your thoughts or any favorite memories of Roger.

   Editorial note: Roger’s wife, Debbie, left a post on Roger’s blog concerning his passing. It, as well as the hundreds of comments following will be a blessing to you. You can read it here.

ht:  Janice


One response to “Roger Bennett Goes Home

  1. I am always amazed at the grace God gives at such a time of loss. What a wonderful comfort to know the He loves us and cares for us in all things.

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