A Pleasant Lunch

   One of the things I am coming to really enjoy about blogging is the new friends and connections that you can make through this process.

    My two sons, Clay and Glen, and I just returned from Tallahassee, FL, where we were able to meet fellow pastors and bloggers Garry and Steve Weaver. We didn’t have a long time to fellowship as they had a conference they had to get to, but the time we had was very pleasant Christian fellowship. Bro. Garry was generous to pay for our lunches.

   We were able to discuss some mutual acquaintances and experiences, and of course talk a little baseball (Steve is a big Braves fan, like me).

    Fellows, I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it and hope we have opportunity in the future to do it again.


4 responses to “A Pleasant Lunch

  1. Gordon,

    It was great to meet you and your boys. I hope your revival ended up well!

  2. Thanks, Steve. Our revival ended up on a fantastic note. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

    Once again, we enjoyed the time with you and your dad.

  3. Hey…guys….I like lunch, too!

  4. Come on down, Bro. Tony, and I will treat you.

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