Bits and Pieces

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some new links that you may find interesting.

 This past weekend, Jamey Murphy, husband of singer, Kelley Murphy, led a parenting conference at Pine Park Baptist Church. The conference materials were produced by the Parent Project and were excellent. They offered great insights into the problems that kids are facing today, how a parent can identify those problems, and how to develop a strategy to deal with them. If any pastors or youth ministers read this, I highly recommend that you have Jamey come and do a conference at your church. You can contact him through his brand-new blog (WordPress should start paying me commission fees!), Blue Collar Parent.

Frequent visitor and commentor here, Ron Jackson, aka RBJ, has finally started his own blog (WordPress, are you getting this?). Bro. Ron is a member of Pine Park BC and is a genuine country boy. He has a lot of stories to tell along with some pretty good insights on living. Be sure and give his blog a visit.

You can always count on kids for a good laugh. This past Sunday night, I had preached on David’s sin with Bathsheba. On the way home, my oldest son, Clay, asked, “Dad, what does ‘adultery’ mean?”

Before I could answer, my youngest son, Glen, chimed in, “That’s when you make fun of adults.” 

Finally, congratulations to the Bears and the Colts. This should be a pretty good Super Bowl. I think Peyton Manning will finally be able to silence his critics by leading his team to a championship.


6 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Boy, your son helped you out with that one, didn’t he.

    Go, Colts! Tampa Bay fans are still in love with Tony Dungy. What a wonderful Christian man! For someone who rarely shows emotion at a game, he couldn’t stop smiling after that win.

  2. Gordon, We had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. Yeah, Bev, I was sure happy for Tony Dungy. After all he went through with his son’s death and everything, I feel like this was something special for him.

    My pleasure, Amy.

  4. Bro. Gordon thanks for the link for Jamies blog and mentioning [ you got it right ] old country boy’s new blog and I would like to mention Brett my son and his new blog . He can only post when he has the time available! Have a blessed day .RON.

  5. Your boys are too cute! When I was quite young (I was the youngest of four children and the only boy), I told my mom that my oldest sister was committing adultery. My mom asked me what adultery was (to see what it was I thought my older sister was doing), and I said, “She’s acting like an adult, always bossing me around!”

    Hey, I was young and didn’t know any differently!! 😉

  6. Good to hear from you, Bro. Ron.

    Steve, that is funny. Kids sure have their own understanding of things. It must have been tough growing up with three older sisters. I’m sure you weren’t spoiled or anything like that, hehehe.

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