White-Collar Barbarianism

Yesterday was Right-to-Life Sunday. Once a year, many churches in America focus upon the barbaric practice of abortion.

When one mentions “barbarians”, usually it is the coarse, hairy, vulgar ruffian that comes to mind, not a highly-educated doctor wearing a white coat. You need only to watch the video posted by Tim Ellsworth to realize that the lowest level of barbarianism is being practiced by the highest level of our society. I warn you, this is absolutely the most gruesome and disturbing thing I have ever seen, yet it contains a message that must reach our country.

Other bloggers are also drawing attention to this issue. My brother is beginning a series of posts that compare abortion to slavery. Being his brother, I have already had opportunity to read the entire project. It is must-read material for anyone concerned about this topic. In addition, Ken Fields is two-thirds of the way through a three-part series on the subject. You can read the first post here, and the second post here.

For too long now, politicians have only payed lip-service to this issue and our concerns. There was a time when this was the rallying cry for many conservative politicians. They would attend the gatherings of pro-life advocates and express their support of the rights of the unborn. Tragically, little has been done on the legislative level to address this sin. Now it seems that many conservative politicians are just hoping that this issue will just go away quietly into the night. They don’t want to risk losing moderate voters who would rather focus upon other issues.

I still believe that righteousness exalts a nation. I do not lay the blame entirely upon our leaders. Often, our leadership is simply a reflection of what is in the hearts of the average Joe on the streets. Perhaps if messages like this one can be told, hearts will be changed in this matter.

Until then, may we be faithful to defend those who are unable to defend themselves.


2 responses to “White-Collar Barbarianism

  1. Bro. Gordon, Thanks for the Great post ! I know of a young lady that was wanting to abort the twins that she was carrying in early stages! I am thankful for the good christian professionals and friends that were concerned! I do believe that God spoke to her because she made the decision to have them and adopt them out but close to the end of pregnacy before she committed to adoption she finally decided to keep and raise them herself? Today they are doing great! I do believe that with all of the prayers that God interviened in the heart of this young lady? Blessings RON.

  2. I’m glad she made the right decision, Bro. Ron. Too many people put their own plans ahead of their unborn child’s right to live.

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