Political Hypocrisy

Some would say the title of this post is oxymoronic. Perhaps not always, but I think it might be in the situation I am about to discuss.

 According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it seems that former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are partnering to help form a new Baptist convention. In fact, that is the name of it, New Baptist Convention.

The stated intention of the new entity is to counter concerns that “Baptists have been ‘negative’ and ‘exclusionary’ .” Their target recruiting base is the bloc of liberal Baptists who have distanced themselves from mainstream Baptists in areas such as abortion and homosexual rights.

I find it ironic that two men who have so staunchly cried out for the doctrine of “separation of church and state” would now try to use their political muscle to mobilize a Christian constituency. Say what they will, this is nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt to carry out the Democratic agenda to reach out to disgruntled conservative voters.

I find it disgusting and appalling that a man with the morals of Bill Clinton and the values that both of them promote would see themselves as being suited to lead a denomination.

By the same token, conservative, Christian voters have themselves often been manipulated by Republican politicians. Playing to the moral fears and concerns of the large number of evangelicals has long been a tactic of the right. Sadly, very few of those politicians have even attempted to follow through on their lofty campaign promises.

Allow me to be idealistic for a moment. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians would stay out of the church? I am not speaking of church attendance (Lord knows, they need that). But wouldn’t it be nice not to see “conservative” politicians surfacing in evangelical churches in the months leading up to election, only to disappear afterwards? And if I never see another pasty-white Senator from up north trying vainly to clap in rhythm with a black, gospel choir in downtown Atlanta it will be too soon for me.

Perhaps “political hypocrisy” isn’t an oxymoron all the time, but in this case I believe the shoe fits.

What do you think?


20 responses to “Political Hypocrisy

  1. And if I never see another pasty-white Senator from up north trying vainly to clap in rythm with a black, gospel choir in downtown Atlanta it won’t be too soon for me.

    I couldn’t have said it better, Gordon.

  2. Bill Clinton is a Baptist?!?

    Yet one more reason I am thankful to be an Assembly of God girl. LOL!

    Seriously though…I am disgusted and saddened by this news. Good title. The oxymoronic (is that a word?!) shoe definitely fits.

  3. Thanks, Misawa.

    Trish, unfortunately Bill Clinton considers himself a Baptist.

    If “oxymoronic” was not a word before, it is now. Just remember where you heard it first. 🙂

  4. Oh, my, I hadn’t heard or read that. What are we coming to? I, too, enjoyed the comment about “pasty white.”

  5. thats rite bro.gorden ,u said it just like it needs to be said .an presented to the public just like that.mabe it would wake some folks up around the world.i see an hear all kinds of stuff out here have a great day

  6. Here’s another new word for you Gordon….vomitrocious. I believe that also applies here.:)

  7. Beverly, I had a particular senator in mind when I said that, but I refrained from using his name.

    Brett, thanks for stopping by.

    Trish, lol, indeed it does seem to apply here. That’s a good one!

  8. The statement -” The new Baptist Convention will include people of all races, classes, and the last two {Sexual orientations and Political persuasions } Carter said, is enough of a description of the new Convention ! It seems we have enough controversity as it is in our Goverment about Church and State that is exactly what they are implicating ! Maybe Bill Clinton is thinking about running for office again by stating that He is just a cheerleader ! I guess he wants to be able to change his tactics if the going gets rough ? It seems that Mr Carter is wanting to just change our out look on the Sourthern Bapist and create another religeon . I disagree with what they are wanting to do ?May The Good Lord Will Be The Moderator ? RON.

  9. Bro. Ron, you can bet if this thing backfires, Mssrs. Carter and Clinton will have a backdoor.

    Given Carter’s track record of involvement in his church and his outspokenness on prior convention issues, I would almost give credibility (but not support) to the legitimacy of his efforts. But when you add Clinton to the mix, the cover is blown.

  10. I have a feeling I know who the “pasty white” is, but there are actually two that I think of, although one is not as pasty as the other.

  11. Gordon,

    Given Carter’s track record of service (even though he is intimately involved with the CBF) at least he looks genuine. He does wear his faith on his sleeve. I think Clinton gives him the much needed clout he did not have and could not achieve. I do think that Carter thinks he may legitimately be trying to “rescue” faith from the GOP.

    As I have argued before on my blog, conservatives have not adequately addressed poverty, the environment, the AIDS pandemic, and other issues in the way that the “New Baptists” anticipate doing themselves. So, I agree; I think they are using this as a drawing card.

  12. Yeah, Beverly, one of them has a nose that is a little too red to be considered “pasty white”. 🙂

    Tony, I think you are probably right. There are times when Carter comes across as being sincere, just misguided.

  13. You guys are cracking me up!

    I have no clue who “pasty white” might be, though I’ve seen stuff like you are describing before. That’s where vomitrocious comes into play.

    I guess I should check out the news once in a while. I can’t tell you the last time I watched a TV show that didn’t star Elmo and Big Bird.

  14. Trish, I can’t say for sure who Beverly had in mind, but I am thinking about the two senators from a state up north that begins with the letter “M” and has a whole bunch of consonants.

  15. Wow, I hadn’t heard anything about this. But yeah, it’s totally obvious what is going on here, and it is ironic that it comes from people who have generally applied the principle of separation of church and state (which we all believe in) in a very stringent way in the past.

  16. Gordon, you crack me up, bro!! I’m glad the computer lab here is empty since I’m laughing out loud reading your comments. 🙂

    …begins with the letter “M” and has a whole bunch of consonants…

    Let’s see, that would rule out Maine… 😉

    I’m thinking of starting a r&b or soul band and calling it “Pasty White”!

  17. I’m thinking of starting a r&b or soul band and calling it “Pasty White”!

    That sounds cool, Steve. Just don’t let John Kerry (oops!) be your percussionist.

    “That boy ain’t got no rhythm!” (Although he is pasty white)

  18. Tim A. Blankenship

    Bro. Gordon
    You still doing real good.

  19. I think Jimmy Carter is a good man at heart but deeply confused, his verbal attacks on Israel are appalling to me. He will side with the Palestinians while the fact that the Palestinians unwillingness to recognize Israel’s right to exist goes unchallenged by him, as a Christian he should find the fact that Israel is even in existence a interesting based on 2500 years of being governed by others.

    But looking at the other side of the coin, I find many (myself in particular) put off by the Christian Right, this allows Clinton, Carter, and many others to appeal to otherwise conservative voters such as myself. Evangelicals (Baptists in particular) need to stop judging based one what they see and look behind the scene to find out the facts, they seem to be all about image and forget the true message of Christ about loving your neighbor as yourself (and I am not saying to look the other way from sin, quite the contrary). While I struggled with three special needs children, wile my wife had a nervous breakdown that allowed a man to take advantage of her, our finances and worst my oldest daughter, the Baptist church not only looked away, but condemned us.

    When the Christian right wakes up and shows some “Fruit” (maybe even takes a lesson from the Mormon Church), Politians such as Clinton and Carter will not get away with half of what they do and just maybe the Republicans make take back the House.

  20. Carl, welcome to Heavenly Heartburn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m very sorry to hear about what happened with you and your family and the Baptist church. Unfortunately, that can happen when people are more concerned about themselves than they are others.

    You make some good points concerning politics. Thanks again for stopping by. Come back soon.

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