Blessed Quietness

“I just wish I could have some peace and quiet!”

How many times have we thought, or even in a moment of exasperation given voice to that sentiment. The desire for quiet solitude often reaches its zenith in times of stress or noise (or pretty much every day).

I recently attended a seminar in which the instructor asked us to find a place where we could be alone and just sit quietly for 30 minutes. We were not to complete any activities, we were not supposed to write, read or recite anything. We were just to sit quietly for 30 minutes and contemplate God.

You would not believe (or maybe you would) how difficult that was to do. We have become so programmed to activity and noise that quietness may actually be a distraction to some. Most of the time, the only time when quietness becomes a priority is when it is time to sleep. Even then, some require soft music, the TV or electronic noise machines to allow them to go to sleep.

One thing I appreciate about my wife is her understanding of my need for quietness. As strange as it may sound coming from a pastor, there are times when I just get tired of talking. From the beginning of our relationship, she has understood that I am not mad, I do not want her to go away, I just want to sit quietly with her. I can honestly say that some of the times that I enjoy the most with her is when we have the opportunity to just sit quietly in each others company. To me, this is genuine “qualiy time” with my wife. (Just in case you were wondering, there are times when we communicate as well 🙂 )

I wonder if we can’t share the same quality time with God? Can we not just sit quietly in His presence, enjoying His nearness and yet not say anything? Do we ever make doing this a priority?

Perhaps we cannot do it every day. But I am convinced that quality time with God trumps quantity time any day of the week. I believe that if we were to make the effort, soon the beauty of this time would so enthrall us that we would be driven to seek it even more.

What impact would this have on our living? Might not our stress level decrease? Is it possible that we would find a growing reservoir of peace within us that gives us strength to deal with life in better ways than before?

The Bible teaches us that God speaks in many ways. Some of these are very apparent and easily discerned, even among the babble of life. But if we are going to hear Him when He speaks in His “still, small voice”, we are going to have to learn to be quiet.

Be still and know that He is God.

Be still and know.

Be still.

10 responses to “Blessed Quietness

  1. You are so right. I find that if my house is quiet – I sometimes at least need to turn on music quietly or the television in the background. But it’s good to have quiet sometimes – we need it!

  2. That is a great thought. Excellent!

  3. Bro. Gordon , how true the words of this post are! A little over 4 years ago when all my problems with my disibility hit hardest , was when I had to learn to just sit and meditate and I admit there was a lot of questions that I ask GOD. That was when I realized what GOD wanted me to do was to be still and know that HE is near! I spent a lot of time in my backyard in my swing under the pecan tree! Its when you hear the birds ,squirrels , and the sounds of life around you and what a beautiful creation that GOD has provided that most of the times HE speaks to you! That is when GOD created the joyful spirit in my soul! And no matter what comes or goes as each day arrives , I still thank him for another day! HE IS A GRACIOUS AND MERCIFUL GOD. BLESSINGS . RON.

  4. Oh, thank you for that reminder. Wonderful post.

  5. LOL…I’ve tried to be that quiet! But my snoring usually wakes me up!

  6. It’s kinda wierd in a way, but I am most insecure before the Lord when I am listening to His whispers.

    I can handle His rebukes (um…most of the time). His rebukes are seen by everyone and it is easy to make the changes because everyone is watching. But His whispers talk to my inner character; the things only He and I know He is calling me to change. It is then that I need to decide if I am going to wrestle with my character, whether anyone else knows or not.

    The silent times with the Lord are vastly more unsettling to me. But OHHHH how I need them.

  7. I thank everyone for their insights in this. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who is challenged by this concept.

    God bless each of you.

  8. Our society does not look favorably on aloness. But God does.

  9. Joe, you are right, I believe God loves to receive our undivided attention.

    Thanks, Jonathan.

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