Blessings of the Holidays

I hope that everyone has had a blessed holiday season. If you are like me, you had a great time but are really glad to be getting back into the normal routine of life.

 This holiday season was especially blessed for me. My family and I were able to share some wonderful times together. I was priviliged to be able to eat far more great food than I needed or deserved. I received some nice presents (yes, I will admit that I do enjoy receiving as well as giving). My church family was especially generous this year.

I am a music lover. This holiday season, I was able to hear some of the best I have heard in a long time. I have already mentioned getting to hear Gold City and Steve Sensenig. This past weekend, Kelley Murphy came and ministered to Pine Park Baptist Church and blessed us immensely.

Above all of that, however, it seemed that the greatest blessings of this Christmas lay in relationships.

There was a relationship in my family that had been broken for over ten years that had been particularly painful. During this holiday season, God brought healing and restoration to that situation.

God also provided me with a new friend that is proving to be a very special blessing in my life.

In addition, God also allowed my relationship with my wife’s family to take a large step forward. We have always gotten along very well, but this Christmas was really a time of us growing together.

I believe that all of these things are a reflection of what Christmas is supposed to be, “Peace on earth”. Only God can provide what I received this season, and for that I am truly thankful.


11 responses to “Blessings of the Holidays

  1. Amen! I think that relationships are the best part of “peace on earth”. Thank you for your friendship, brother!

  2. Glad you’re back. Well, Bobby Bowdin didn’t get one up on JoePa.

  3. Good to hear from you, Steve.

    Beverly, I thought about you while I watched Penn State yesterday. Did you get to go to the game?

  4. Hi, Gordon,
    No, I didn’t. I went to Lakeland to watch it with my 83 year old friend. She was my camp director when I was a girl at Children’s Bible Mission in Florida. We renewed acquaintances a couple of years ago, and I discovered that she was a Penn State fan and a real fan of Joe Pa. She’s from PA, duh. So I’ve been trying to see her some. We screamed, well, I did anyway at her house.
    The last time I went to see them play was at the Citrus Bowl a few years ago. We had terrible seats, it was hot, and they played terribly, so I decided not to go for it this year…but it was exciting!
    By the way, sorry I misspelled Bowden’s name…as I was reading the sports pages this morning, I realized I had goofed.
    Happy new year to you, and to your family!

  5. hey Gordon,
    glad you had a blessed Holiday!

  6. Happy New Year, Pastor Gordon.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed such a wonderful time over the Christmas holiday with family and friends.

    I’m like you in that I enjoy the time away. But I also enjoy getting back to it afterwards.

    Blog blessings in 2007. Hope you get a Booner this fall!

  7. It is good to see you back again, Gordon.

  8. What a blessing to hear about mended and closer relationships! I praise God for what he is doing through you and your family!


  9. Glad you back , and I certainly received a blessing from Kelly’s singing and her testimony sunday . I pray that GOD continues to bless Her and Her family in their Ministery ! Blessings. RON.

  10. Bev, Bobby and I forgive you. 😉

    Thanks, Janice.

    Bro. Tony, right back at you, my friend. I dream of the big one.

    Thanks, Matthew, it’s good to be back.

    Alan, glad to have you stop by. Thanks for sharing.

    Bro. Ron, I’m glad you enjoyed Kelley. She has a beautiful voice and a great spirit.

  11. Welcome back, Gordon. Your holiday season stories give me hope for a situation in my wife’s family that just got broken this year. (ok…it’s been in the works for quite some time. But this year it came to a head.) Anyway, hopefully it won’t take 10 years to fix. But even if it does, as long as God is glorified in it, that’s fine with me.

    Relationships. You know, one of the most poignant lines from Billy Joel’s songs is, “Life is just a series of hellos and goodbyes. It looks like it’s time for goodbye, again.” (The song is Say goodbye to Hollywood) Not to be morbid, but he’s got a point. I will just look forward to the “hello” when it comes. And I’m sure it will.

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