A Gift Fit For A King: Gold

An integral part of the Christmas story is the magi, or “wise men” as they are commonly known. Those intrepid followers of a star who traveled from regions in the east came and brought lavish gifts as an act of worship. They refused to be turned back by the hazards of the journey. King Herod’s deceitful intrigue did not hinder them. Neither were they disallusioned to find the king they sought in circumstances that were less than those befitting royalty.

 When they found Jesus, they brought to Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. During this Christmas season, I want to examine each of these gifts and how we can give similar gifts to the King ourselves. While each gift has its own significance, the most important factor in this part of the Christmas story is the Lordship of Christ.

As we think of gold, obviously this speaks of wealth. A king is one who is worthy of riches. These men recognized that fact and paid Him tribute accordingly.

Is Christ the Lord of our wealth? Do we honor Him with our giving? How about with our investments and spending?

We should be willing to submit all of our possessions and wealth to the sovereignty of our King, realizing that they are but a trust from Him.

A good way to honor the Lord with our wealth during this season is to give a special gift beyond  what we would normally give. Missions, special ministry projects, charity, etc., are all excellent opportunities to bestow a “birthday gift” in the name of our Savior.

I hope that your Christmas will be blessed with the joy that comes from knowing the King.

7 responses to “A Gift Fit For A King: Gold

  1. Great points, Gordon.

    It’s enough of a challenge to remember to give to all those we love during the Christmas season. But it REALLY stretches me to remember giving to those who I don’t know. Thank God for the Nashua Foster Care Christmas party I do every December. It’s the highlight of my season! I am tempted to only do that, and nothging else, as if doing that “one good deed” for the season covers some “good deed” quota. But there are so many others who need to be given to that it is best to keep my eyes open and look for other opportunities.

    Great thoughts. I may not have much in the way of $$$ to give to others, but there are lots of other ways to give.

  2. Bro. Gordon, this is a good post! But the Lord blesses me everyday and I kinda look as it is Christmas all year long for me! But this time of the seasons allways touch my heart in so many ways and my money runs out before the month does ! I do try to do the best I can as the scripture says in the book of Matthew where we are taught to go and tell others about Jesus ! He was so gracious to give up his life for us and only asking that we go and tell others about Him ! No matter how long I live on this earth I could never repay Him for what He done for me! The main thing that we should be truly grateful for and [ ITS FREE ] is the love of our LORD AND SAVIOR and share it with others because that is all HE asks us to do? It grieves my heart that I can’t do more ! I heard Bro. Adrian Rogers make the statement the other night that If every believer would make the commitment and pray and ask God to lead him to a lost soul , that would a great Christmas present ! Blessings, see you Sunday! RON.

  3. Great post, Gordon. As I have been preaching through the book of Luke, I have been struck by the amount of teaching that Jesus did concerning money and possessions. He really is concerned about how we use our finances. We act and think as if He were only interested in whether or not we give a tithe, but He is interested in how we use what is left over too. He is Lord of the 90% as well as the 10%.

  4. Tim A. Blankenship

    Thanks Gordon for the good words on remembering to give to Jesus; as it is His birthday we are celebrating.

  5. Thanks, everybody, for your responses. I haven’t had much opportunity for interaction on the blog this weekend, but I do enjoy hearing your thoughts.

    God bless!

  6. Those are good thoughts, although we don’t give gits at Christmas any more….but I do like giving away books…

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