Bits and Pieces

It has been another busy week with not much time to sit down and think about something substantial to post. Instead, I am going to give you some bits and pieces from around the web that I hope you will find enjoyable.

 During the Thanksgiving holidays, my boys attended a festival in Climax, GA, called Swine Time. They have a lot of festivities related to hogs including a hog-calling contest and a greased-pig chase. My son, Clay, entered the greased-pig chase and his efforts caught the attention of a reporter from the Bainbridge (GA) Post-Searchlight. His pictures graced the front page of the paper the next week.

If you want to read some funny stuff, go read the story that Bonnie Calhoun wrote about her husband’s encounter with a skunk. Joe Scoggins has an entertaining story about a couple of Cajuns that will tickle you.

Music always helps me get in the Christmas spirit. My good blogging buddy Steve Sensenig is a very talented pianist and has some CD’s available over at Worship Keys. Listen to the music samples, especially of his Christmas project. I have it and am really getting a lot of use out of it. Steve has been a good online friend and I am looking forward to making his acquaintance when he and his family come down for a visit in a few days.

Finally, if you have ever had the urge to whack a penguin, then you must give this game a try.

I hope to catch up on my serious posting tomorrow. Until then, God bless.


8 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. looked like he was having fun, and you can tell he wasn’t going to give up! 🙂

  2. I whacked that penguin a few times…but I must get on to bigger things. Thanks for the fun!

  3. Does your son look like his dad? He looks like he was having a good time.

  4. For some strange reason, Bloglines has not been picking up your posts…odd. It picks up the comments from your blog, but not the posts. That just started a couple of posts ago. So, I usually don’t know there’s a new post until I see comments on a post title that looks unfamiliar! Or, when I see referral links in my server stats…

    You are so kind to once again link to me, Gordon. Thank you for being such an encouragement in this way! We’re so looking forward to our visit there in just over a week 🙂

    Can you email me those directions from the hotel to the church, please? Thanks!

    steve 🙂

  5. I hadn’t whacked that ol’ penguin in about a year! Thanks for the reminder. There is a different version of it that includesland mines and blood. And though that one allows you to whack the little bugger a LOT farther, the spatters of blood seems a little too gratuitous.

    And your boy loks like he was having a grand old time. I think I would enjoy that even at 41 years old!

  6. Janice, he is very tenacious.

    Beverly, I am told that he looks like me.

    Steve, happy to provide the link, my friend. Your music will bless my readers, I am sure.

    DK, he tackled that pig three times but the thing kept getting away from him. But he sure had fun trying.

  7. Front page photo op! Wow — those were hilarious. You’ll have to scrapbook them or something for him.

  8. You betcha, Bobby. Between his grandparents and us, we have several hard copies of the newpaper already.

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