A Rose Among the Thorns

Please don’t read this and feel sorry for me. I am going to share a lot of frustration to just let you know what was going on in my life this past weekend, and then to share with you how God let me know He is still in control.

It actually started during the beginning of last week. My telephone suddenly developed the habit of just cutting out. (Yes, I payed the bill for those who are curious 🙂 ) In the middle of calls, or for hours on end, I would be without a telephone. It has something to do with technical problems that my provider is experiencing.

On Friday and Saturday, absolutely nothing went as planned. Not everything was a catastrophe, but it seemed like no matter what I had planned, it went awry. Once my phone finally started working again, the battery in the thing went as dead as a hammer.

I had great intentions concerning visits, events, etc. I was supposed to leave yesterday to attend the Georgia Baptist Convention, none of that worked out.

The one thing I thought would be good, turned into an absolute disaster. I took my son, Clay, to the Florida State-Wake Forest game Saturday evening. The weather report called for a mildly cool evening with no rain. WRONG! Just before kick-off, it poured rain on us, soaking us to the skin. This was followed by a cold wind that felt like it was going to cut through us. On top of that, the Seminoles looked like they had never even seen a football before. Cold, wet, miserable and getting disgusted with our team, we left at half-time.

It continued at church the next morning. For some reason attendance was low for the day. Just before Sunday School, I got word that one our deacon’s wife was taken to the emergency room with congestive heart failure.

Between Sunday School and morning service, another of our deacons asked me if he could share a testimony in the service. I asked him to come up when I finished the announcements.

He got up and thanked the church for praying for him. For a little over a year now, he has been battling an aggressive form of lymphoma. The doctors opted to use an advanced schedule of chemotherapy to treat him which was nearly more than he could stand. He stood before our church body yesterday and proclaimed, “The doctors told me that three times they had given up on my chances of survival. I am here today by the grace of God in answer to the prayers of God’s people.” As of his last report, there is no cancer in his body.

As he stood there praising the Lord for the gift of life itself, the problems of the last week returned to their proper place in my perspective. I repented for my self-pity and went on with the service. God blessed and we had a great day.

God is good.


17 responses to “A Rose Among the Thorns

  1. God is Good! that’s a fact! 🙂

    how is the deacon’s wife, ?

  2. Well, Gordon. I know we all have those weeks when things just don’t go the way we want. (I guess this week was your turn?) 😉

    It looks like you did the only thing a guy should do: End the week with “God is good.”

    But take heart! I have it on good authority that next week is Cameron’s turn!

  3. Janice, the deacon’s wife is about the same. Her name is Sis. Irma Jones, I know the family would appreciate your prayers.

    Danny, my life suddenly got better tonight at supper when I tasted your corn chowder recipe for the first time. Magnificent!

  4. Tim A. Blankenship

    It is amazing how good God is. Those weeks and days we sometimes have are ways, it seems, of reminding us that we are not in control, but God is.
    I am thankful with you that things have turned around for the good.
    God bless you.

  5. They have them!

  6. Gordon,

    I, too, have grown to love weeks like that. Sure, not exactly when I’m in the middle of them… but after God has given me the “perspective check” moment. I believe he lets us go through these times as a reminder that we are not in control, He is, and He is very good! There’s that silly little word — surrender. So easy to say, so hard to do at times!

    I’m glad that Danny has the connection to know that next week is Cameron’s turn and not mine! 🙂

    I will be praying for Irma.

  7. I too had a frustrating weekend but the Lord has a way of reminding us that He is in charge and helps us recover our perspective…

  8. GOD IS GOOD! If you pay attention to him HE will prune you to HIS specifications along your walk in life! Trust me , HE just gave me a lesson on pride this past week! Bro. Gordon I enjoyed Sunday,s service also and am praying that God will continue to Bless us ! Have a blessed day? RON.

  9. Great blog.
    Yes, God is good and deserving of our praise.
    I really enjoy this blog and have added a link to it at my Christian discussion board. I think my fellow Life4Christ’ers will also find it a worthwhile read.
    God bless!

  10. It is a true moment of grace when a light shines through, like the deacon’s testimony, to remind us of what is important and Who is in control. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Gordon,
    how is Sis Irma, doing ?

  12. Hey, Gordon! Do you want a laugh!!?
    Keeping this thread in mind, go check out your brothers’ last post. I think my credibility rating just skyrocketed!!!

  13. Well, Danny, any predictions on the stock market you would like to share? 🙂

  14. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, everyone. FredM thanks for the link, I look forward to checking out your forum.

  15. Ah… the bitter/sweet life of a pastor. And we wouldn’t trade it for the whole world!

  16. What a wonderful end to a rather disconcerting week.

    Oh my, that Florida State game was awful, wasn’t it. It was just incredible. And that is probably where you got your cold, isn’t it.

  17. Garry, it does have its rewards doesn’t it?

    Beverly, you are right. It was awful and that is where I got my cold. I’m in good company though, Coach Bowden got his that night, too. 🙂

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