Weekend Survey

In the past, I have told you about my cat, Marshmallow and her knotheadedness. Yesterday, I told you about my new dog, George.

For this week’s survey, why not tell us about your pet (past or present)?

Hope you have a great weekend.


9 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. I had a donkey, he was a very cool donkey!

    I have 2 dogs ,

  2. I do not like animals.

  3. in 1980 i had a cat…she was obnoxious and climbed my curtains and threw up furr balls everywhere, so i left her with my seven year old niece in ny when i moved to colorado in 1980…a cow sat on her…and i was sad about that…(really i was)….but cats and i dont get along…

    in 1988 i had a dog, a snoodle…part schnauzer and part poodle….the best little pup i have ever known and my girls just loved him….we moved from colorado back to ny in 1996 and lived on a busy road….he was hit by a car on my daughters 10th birthday….it is difficult and sad to lose a pet..we still laugh about the goofy things he would do and how loveable he was

    i havent had an animal since, but i would someday like a small dog…

  4. Matthew, AMEN!

    I guess it isn’t so much that I dislike them, it’s just that it’s so hard to catch them when you want to cook them. And all those little ones are so tough and chewy!

    We have a cat named Abby. She is acceptable because she minds her own business. One day, we will BBQ her.

  5. Cameron, you are a NUT!!!! LOL

  6. Cameron since you wrote the comment ,now I have some thoughts about all of them little marshmellows a few months back? I used to have a tom cat named cigar [ I named him that because he was light tabby gray and his tale looked like one of the big cuban cigars] anyway he ran off with the neighbors cat and I hadn’t seen him since? RON.

  7. I have a German Shepherd named Sarge and a cat named Lucy. Sarge and Lucy aren’t exactly best friends. My wife likes Lucy better and I like the dog better. Walking Sarge has been a good form of exercise.

  8. HUGE pet lover here! They all bring such value to a home….to the lives of little ones….and to the weary hearts of those who live there! Our black lab is having exploratory surgery this morning….too long to explain here (not that I completely understand the need)…simply put…it’s hard when they get older!


  9. Thanks everyone for sharing about your little furry friends.

    Diane, you are right. They do add to our lives. Hope your dog is going to be ok.

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