Answered Prayer

We had a special blessing in the form of answered prayer last night at Pine Park Baptist Church. The Shepherd’s Four, a quartet from Lakeland, FL, ministered in our evening service. Art Carlton, the bass singer for the quartet, had grown up and was saved in our church.

We had many visitors including a young woman in her late twenties who had been coming for the last couple of months. As the men sang, they each testified as to how God worked in their life to bring them to salvation and gave an excellent presentation of the Gospel. At the end of the service, we offered an invitation. This young lady did not come forward, but she did raise her hand to indicate that she wanted to be saved. After the service, she went to my wife who was able to talk with her for a while and lead her to the Lord. We had a little time of celebrating.

Please pray for this young lady as she has some real obstacles to overcome in her life. She really wants to do what is right. At least now, she has the Holy Spirit to empower her in her battles.

I just had to share this.


6 responses to “Answered Prayer

  1. Gordon,
    I rejoice and praise our gracious Lord with you. That is truly wonderful.

  2. That is wonderful. I rejoice with you. By the way, I did talk to the young lady who was in your service the morning that you requested prayer for my granddaughter, Ella, who has CF.

    Ella is doing well. She is taking enzymes to aid in her digestion, on vitamins to make sure that she receives all necessary nutrients. The chest therapy is being done, even though she does not have the thick mucous at this point. The therapy is mainly to get her used to the therapy, as well as my son and his wife.

  3. Thanks, both of you.

    Beverly, the young lady you talked to is a close friend of the one who got saved.

    I hope things continue to go well with Ella and her parents.

  4. This is great News!

    That happen at the Revival this weekend, a young lady got saved , on Friday nite !

  5. That’s wonderful, Janice. It’s always exciting to hear of that happening.

  6. Thanks for letting me know that, Gordon. I have been wondering about her. She said that they were planning to move to Florida, and I was wondering if she did.

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