Weekend Survey

My wife and I are preparing to go to Calvary, GA, this morning to the Mule Day Festival (yeah, we celebrate mules around here). Our local Baptist association is hosting an evangelism tent and we are going to help. There will be arts and crafts, music, food, old cars and of course a parade featuring local school bands and lots of mules.

What kind of local festival do you have where you live and how do you celebrate it?

Be blessed!


11 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. The best festival in Worcester is the annual Beer and Cider Festival organised by the Campaign for Real Ale.

    Am I allowed to say that here?

  2. The County Seat town of Barry County here in Missouri closes down the Town Square a couple of days in October for their annual Chile Cookoff. There are lots of booths set up and people cooking chili. You get to go around getting smalls cups of chili tasting it. You are not the judge but everyone can get a taste.
    You find some pretty good chili makers. I did not participate this year.

  3. In Halifax County, we have the Virginia Cantaloupe Festival, to which I have never taken my family. It generally turns into a drunk-fest culminating in multiple arrests for d & d. You know its bad when there is a rider on the VA Cantaloupe Festival’s website that says, “Intoxicated persons may be asked to leave.”

    I take my family to the annual Noland Day in Providence village. It is on the old Noland farm with old farm machinery demonstrations, a working blacksmith, the brunswick stew flows freely, bluegrass, and I take my wife to the homemade jewelry vendor to bank some cool points.

  4. Matthew, cider is good. I don’t know about the rest. πŸ™‚

    Tim, that chili cookoff would be a treat.

    Tony, it doesn’t get any better than brunswick stew and bluegrass. I may have to check that out sometime.

  5. I gather most of the Cider you drink in the USA is non-alcoholic. Over here, Cider is always alcoholic.

  6. We have Buckingham County Day (real creative title) and Patriot Day in Cumberland. Pretty much celebrate like all the other small town festivals around the country.

    The other 364 days are the “drunk-fests” and beer festivals.

  7. In NH we have:
    a “Lilac Fesival” with dozens of varieties of lilac being displyed…
    a Pumpkin carving festival in Keene where tens of thousands of carvings are gathered together.

  8. well here in our part of the county in MO,
    they have a Celtic Festival, on my husband’s BDay, it’s a lot of fun, ;0>

  9. In our county every March we have what is now called Heritage Festival. It used to the DeSoto celebration (lots of fun when I was a kid), but then that became politically incorrect, so the harmless name of Heritage Festival.

  10. Shrimp, sausage and watermelon to name a few. Bayfest is probably our most grand specticle, no wait…

    Mardi Gras! (It started here ya know?) πŸ˜‰

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