Come on John, Be a Man

The blogosphere and the news networks have been agog today with the news of John Kerry’s latest faux pas. Even CNN and other Democrats are begging for him to just make this go away by apologizing.

 So far, all he is admitting is that it was a “botched joke”. People who lack a sense of humor shouldn’t attempt to be funny. Now, as much as I dislike Sen. Kerry’s political views, I would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I am sure that many others would, also. All he needs to say is, “I messed up. I didn’t study my cue cards hard enough, and now I am stuck in a newswire quagmire. I apologize to our troops and veterans. I don’t think they are intellectually challenged, they are really very smart people.”

He hasn’t done this yet.

Meanwhile the Republicans are milking it for all its worth, trying to gain benefit for the upcoming election. News networks are milking it for all its worth for ratings. Bloggers (other ones, not me) are milking it for all its worth for hits.

I wish he would just be a man, say, “I’m sorry”, and let us get on with life. There are people that should be in the news from whom he is taking face time, you know, people like Terrell Owens and Barry Bonds.

 TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS ITEM: A postal worker in Pennsylvania was hospitalized after a squirrel attack. This is just a continuation of the increasing tensions between squirrels and humans.

13 responses to “Come on John, Be a Man

  1. I to say somthing, but I don’t want to sound rude ;[ about kerry,

    and as for the squirrel attack, I feel sorry that this person has to get the shots ouch!

    now Gordon, i can’t help but laugh when I read your squirrel story 🙂

    by the way did you get that link I send you?

  2. Janice, I’m sorry, but I haven’t received a link from you today.

  3. I heard Sen. Kerry on Imus in the morning on my way to work today. Imus was his usual crotchety ol’ self. He wanted to get Sen. Kerry to apologize for saying something so rediculous, and tried to point out how Sen. Kerry’s past comments about the military could lead one to believe that what Sen. Kerry actually said was more in line with what he thinks than what Sen. Kerry MEANT to say. Sen. Kerry only apologized for botching a joke. Nothing more.

    Ah, well. Such is life the state in which I work.

  4. You can add Madonna to your list of Bonds and Owens.

  5. Hey, Danny, cheer up. Every state has its skeletons in their closets.

    Cameron, how could I forget her?

  6. wow that would have freaked me out, that thing must’ve been demon possessed or something. lol

  7. I do not like that guy John Kerry. I am gald he is American and not a British politician. It would be awful to hear him on the T.V. every day.

  8. “Hey, Danny, cheer up. Every state has its skeletons in their closets.”

    Not so, Grodon! The state in which I LIVE (NH) has none.

    But the state in which I WORK by far has enough to make up for that, so I guess it’s a wash. 😉

  9. Matthew,
    I don’t know how to break this to you, but if you ask anyone over here, they will say that Sen. Kerry thinks he’s European. I assume that once he’s done with politics, he’ll be heading over there. But don’t fret. He’ll probably go to France!

  10. dk , that was funny! 😛

  11. Dana, welcome to the blog.

    Matthew, I’m not a big fan of his either. I think Danny has a good idea about his going to France.

    Danny, I forgot you were in NH. That is a nice place. Unfortunately, your neighbors in MA got a double whammy.

  12. I assume you are refering to the extinguished Senior Senator (when I got back, Mary-Joe was gone) Kennedy?

    He remembers the “shirt heard ’round the world”, and that “Osama Bin…uh…Obama Bin…uh…Barak Obama…uh…heh heh”

    Ah yes, around these parts, he is refered to as “The Wizard of Uh’s”

  13. Yes, that would be the one.

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