Busy Weekend

This has been quite a weekend to say the least. On Friday, my sons left on a vacation to Bryson City, NC, with my parents. The house is kind of quiet, but we haven’t been here much to appreciate it.

 Friday evening, my wife and went to Tallahassee, FL, to attend a concert at the Lighthouse Children’s Home. Our old friends the Hayes Family, from Boone, NC, were singing as was the Reggie Sadler Family. Despite a torrential downpour that caused local flooding (including my car) we had a great night of worship and fellowship. Hopefully, I will be featuring an interview with Mylon Hayes in the near future.

 Saturday evening, we had a fall festival at the church. We had great attendance and were able to make contact with a lot of unchurched people. It was good to see some of them back in church yesterday.

Yesterday was a busy day as well. After service, my wife and I went to my grandmother’s family reunion. After a wonderful meal and good times catching up with the cousins, my day was ruined. A cousin that I haven’t met yet, thought she had correctly identified my wife and me. She came up and asked if Amy was my daughter. I tried to control my indignation as I told her that Amy was my WIFE! She then turned red and tried to apologize, saying that she had mistakenly thought that I was Kenneth Cloud (my dad)(Is that how you apologize?). I hope senility is not genetic.

We hustled back to Cairo so that we could get to our church. Last night was Fifth Sunday Singing (did I mention that we are a country church? Amen.) We had a wonderful time with a great variety of music: Southern Gospel, bluegrass, blues, hymns, contemporary and even some original material by one of our young men. Afterwards we had a fellowship and shower for our new kitchen.

I said all that to say this, I haven’t had time yet to work on a substantive post. The rest of this day will be busy as well. I have a family in my church who is having a baby this afternoon (that is one of the more joyous parts of pastoring), then supper with my Aunt Gwen in Climax, GA, then on to Bainbridge for classes tonight.

Say a prayer for my strength and my cousin’s soundness of mind.


8 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. sounds like you had a full weekend, who’s face was redder your’s or her’s 😉

    will say a prayer for both, and a safe trip tonite!


  2. I hope your car wasn’t dmaged too badly.

    I’m sorry for the sting of the compliment to your Mrs. and I hope you’ll forgive my laughter. 😉

    Prayers from LA as well.

  3. Let’s see. A compliment to Amy. An insult to you. An insult to Daddy. Not bad for one comment. That lady’s good!

  4. Please note that unlike the previous two commenters I did NOT use a smiley.

  5. That is a funny one…for those of us reading it anyway. That is embarrassing to say the least for you and her.

  6. Gordon, I feel your pain. Last year, all three of us (my wife and son and I) went golfing. I asked for two carts (since there were three of us), and the guy looked at me…looked at my wife…and said to my wife, “You have to be at least 16 to drive a cart”!!

    I said, “Ummm, this is my wife“, and he said, “Ohhhh, I’m sorry. I thought this was your daughter and son.”

    We had a good laugh about it and still laugh from time to time about it.

  7. Janice, we were both red but for different reasons.

    KC, the car will survive. Glad you can share in the laughter.

    Cameron, Uh oh, it appears that senility may really be genetic after all.

    Beverly, I’m just glad the blogosphere can share a smile, even if it is at my expense. 🙂

    Steve, ouch man, that does hurt doesn’t it? Something else we have in common, huh?

  8. Senility, my eye. This is full-blown insanity, brother.

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