Weekend Survey

The weather is gradually cooling off here in South Georgia. It doesn’t happen as quickly or as drastically here as it does in other climes, but it is certainly easier to bear than our Julys and Augusts.

For this week’s question, what is your favorite temperature (approximately) and what do you enjoy doing at that temperature.

I like an overcast, slightly windy day with the temperature around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I love being out in the woods or field hunting, or watching a football game in this weather. A nice bonfire with roasted marshmallows is fun too.

Hope you have a blessed weekend and a very worship-filled Sunday.


15 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Does not matter- I am indoors most of the time.

  2. 72-76F… and sunny, with a slight breeze. Love being in the yard/garden, or taking a walk.

  3. I like any temperature that I don’t have to be out in!

    Considering that my slightly western friends are digging out of 2 feet of snow…as I type…let’s just say I have an adversion to copious amounts of snow!

  4. Today was nice. Smelling that fall weather and playing touch football with the boys in the back yard.

    They are becoming football freaks. My oldest son just came home with Madden 2006. Ooooh I got a hankering to go in their and play some of that with them.

    We also need to go to a good ol Wolfpack game.

  5. I like average temp to be around 68 degrees to 72 degrees now because Arthur and his kinfolks cause to much disconfort in my joints. But I used to like 40 degree to 60 degree about 6 years ago when I could go fishing on the flats and for hunting and football games! HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY! A thought to pass on [A LITTLE 4 YEAR OLD BOY PRAYED, AND FORGIVE US OF OUR TRASH BASKETS AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO PUT TRASH IN OUR BASKETS” ] LOL. RON.

  6. Anything in 60’s or 70’s. Anything outside.

  7. We had a cold front come thru yesterday. It was low 60’s overnight and low 80’s during the day. I’m about to freeze. Obviously, the Lord built me especially for a warm climate.

  8. Brian, that Wake Forest–NC State game yesterday would have been a good one to go to, wouldn’t it?

  9. I like cool temperatures 60 to about 35F

    the air is crisp, just cold enough to build a fire, and just cold enough for it to snow , so I can go for my winter walk, I love it! 🙂

  10. A balmy 70-75 degrees, slightly overcast, with a breeze..18 holes and chasing a little white ball from fairway to green. Just about perfect.

  11. I’m definitely with Tony on all aspects of his answer. I didn’t get near enough golf in this season, unfortunately! 😦

    steve 🙂

  12. Love the cold! Fall is best. Hunting, football, playoff baseball….what’s not to love?

    Already got one in the freezer, Pastor Gordon! My younger son harvested a mature doe on October 7.

    If it’s brown it’s down!

  13. If it’s brown it’s down!

    And here I thought down only came from ducks… 😉

  14. Golf is good, but it is painfully obvious that God hasn’t called me to be a professional.

    Tony, I am jealous. Season doesnt’ even open until Saturday down here.

    Steve, you should have great opportunities for deer hunting, given where you live.

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