Technical Problems

I apologize if anyone has been having problems loading my blog recently. I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but I have been difficulty loading it myself. Has anyone else had trouble?

12 responses to “Technical Problems

  1. I read your blog in Bloglines, so I don’t know when it’s having trouble loading, unless I’m coming over to leave a comment or read comments.

    Even when reading comments, once I find a post that I want to track, I subscribe to the comments through co.mments and read those in Bloglines, too.

    So, all this to say, I don’t know. I can’t offer anything of value to you here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    steve ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That Steve is really techno saavy.
    Gordon, yes, there is a problem. It took a really really long time to load and then when I clicked to see Steve’s comment, that took a really long time to come up as well. I can’t tell you why, though. Sorry. I hope you get it figured out.

  3. Been loading slow for me,

  4. Not a problem for me viewing the page or specific posts through a reader (Newsfox) or browser (Firefox). However, it does take a while (~45s) for the comments page to load when I want to add my 2ยข in.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your help. I am sorry for the problems, I suppose it is something to do with Blogger. I am glad to know that it isn’t just me.

  6. Bro. Gordon its been slow loading the posts you write, sometimes up to [2] minutes. But if I go to your favorite blogs that you have listed it loads them in normal time maybe[5] seconds? Good luck ! RON.

  7. Is Blogger messing you up? It can be screwy at times. I switched to the new “beta” and now I can’t use my old account to comment on “non-beta” sites. Does that make me an anti-non-beta-ite?

  8. Cameron, it does indeed. Now what you need to do is go find some old, dead guy who was also an anti-non-beta-ite who wrote a book that will validate your stand.

  9. I got to it just fine, right now…but Blogger is being a poop with the old version, since they’re putting all their time into making the new version work! LOL!

  10. It wasn’t the Wolfpack was it?

  11. Hardy har har! ๐Ÿ™‚

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