Exalting Evil

Ye have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgment? Malachi 2:17

Have we come to the point that wickedness is exalted more than righteousness? This has been true for years in the entertainment industry, but now we see it becoming very prevalent in “real life” as well.

Nothing drives this point home more than an upcoming article in Ms magazine featuring thousands of women who have had abortions. This article is nothing more than political propaganda, published during election time to try and contradict the arguments of pro-lifers against abortion.

One woman, Tyffine Jones, had an abortion while she was in high school because she wanted to complete her education.

“I wanted to do something bigger with myself — I didn’t want to be stopped by anything,” she said.

It is deplorable that we have reached a state where life is no more precious than to be considered an obstacle to education, career, or lifestyle.

Some on the list had abortions because of anticipated handicaps in the babies. A 42 year-old mother from San Francisco, Debbie Findling, aborted a baby who would be born with Down’s Syndrome.

Have we been elevated to the status where we can presume to play God? Is it up to us to determine if a person should or should not be born based upon their physical or mental condition?

What’s next? If mental or physical prowess is to become a criteria for living, how far can we be from euthanasia for the elderly or infirm? This whole sordid mess is an affront to the wisdom and sovereignty of God.

May we not be deluded into thinking that just because God hasn’t called down fire from heaven upon this wickedness that He is standing idly by in a disinterested manner. I believe that God is keeping count of every life that is snatched away by this evil and will in His time exact vengeance upon this world for these atrocities.

HT: Tim Ellsworth

13 responses to “Exalting Evil

  1. it is a sad world we are living in!

    Abortion makes me SICK, to think of all those baby, that are thown away because, it would take away from me time,
    and to aborted baby just cause they would have Down’s Syndome,
    these kids with DS are the sweet’s most loving kids there are,

    All I can say is HEAVEN HELP US!!!!!!

  2. It is interesting that MS Magazine uses the term ‘procedure’ when they refer to abortion. So sad the way we use terms like this to rationalize the decisions and minimize the impacts. I think that it is another way to live in denial of the reality of abortion.

  3. Janice, I agree with you about DS kids. They are a very special blessing.

    Bob, you are right on. “Procedure” sounds so much more detached and impersonal than does “murder” or “execution”.

  4. I echo Jel’s words, “Heaven help us.”

  5. It hurts way down in my heart when I hear on the news about all of the sinfull decisions about abortions and the molestations of our children ! I to, echo jel,s and beverly,s comment.Bro. Gordon and Bob I think that those people have found some words to use to try and justify their own feelings in their hearts. Have a BLESSED WEEK! RON.

  6. Abort73.com is a very graphic but factual, truthful and informative website about obortion in America.

    If you know of anyone considering an Abortion point them in this direction and fight the ignorance.


  7. Notice we don’t hear the “homosexuality is genetic” arguement anymore. That is because the same advocates for that lyfestyle choice wat abortion to be available for a ‘genetic defect’ in a child and since being gay is not easy, and ‘is caused by genes…’

    What a horrible state our culture is in.

    Here in Australia we have an ageing population which is causing a strain on the economy but abortion is rife in Australia. Where are the children and the workforce of tomorow?

    They are being murdered today.


  8. This past weekend we were spending time with some friends of ours who have a one year old boy. This subject came up and they relayed a just as alarming experience they had…

    During a routine ultrasound and check-up, the doctor (not their normal doc) mentioned that he saw something that might increase the odds of their baby having down syndrome. Our friends – very Christ centered – didn’t even bat an eye at this news. The doctor then told them that they still had some time to “wait and see” so they didn’t have to terminate immediately.(!)

    Our friends were dumbfounded that he would bring that up and quickly informed him that it wouldn’t matter and they would keep the child, period. He sorta looked at them funny and left the room – and returned with information pamplets on down syndrome (roughly discussing how difficult it was) and a pamplet on abortion with a card to a local clinic. (!!)

    The doctor was then informed (slightly less politely) that it was unnecessary and they were keeping the child regardless of what occurred. Dr. Mengele then muttered something about just trying to help and that he didn’t think our friends knew what they were in for.

    Here’s the kicker: they leave and phone their normal doc, who says he’ll look in to it. He calls them back in less than an hour to tell them that the percentage of their child having DS went up – brace yourself – by .03%.

    Sorry for the length, Gordon – this just fired me up.

  9. Thanks everyone for your input.

    MDM–you make a great point about the homosexuality gene.

    Misawa–no need to apologize, my friend. Your comment was very relevant.

  10. So many brothers angry at troubled women considering (or having undergone) abortion. Yes, it is an abomination. So is haughtiness, pride, arrogance, and all forms of sin. So quick to judge. But have you ever held the hand of a scared woman considering abortion? Have you wept over her like you say you weep over the unborn baby? Are you quicker to vote to criminalize these women than you are to lovingly share with them the gospel. Christ didn’t join the mob of Pharisees willing to throw stones at the adulteress. He saved her and said: “go, and sin no more.” His love did more for her life than any stones thrown ever could. Pray over the mother and share with her the gospel, and maybe she and the unborn child will have a chance.

  11. It seems that the only issues Christians have these days are abortion and gay marriage. Christianity in America is a mile wide but an inch deep. Let’s start digging.

  12. Storbakken, I would try to share the gospel with these women at any opportunity.

    I realize there are many women who have had abortions who wish they never had. There are many whose soul bears the emotional scars of what they have done.

    The ladies in this post are not in that group. These ladies are openly flaunting what they have done and boasting about it. Such wickedness must be decried by God’s people.

    It does not mean that we hate them or are condemning them, but if Christians do not take a stand for morality who will?

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