Weekend Survey

I am almost afraid to go into this water again after the last week’s survey developed into a full-scale scientifically theoretical hodge-podge.

Nah, not really, it was great fun, and for some reason I feel a lot smarter now than I did this time last week.

For this week’s question: What are three things you would like to accomplish during the rest of your life?

For me:
1. Grow old with my wife.
2. Stay faithful to the ministry to which God has called me.
3. Write at least one book and have it published.

What about you?

15 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. 1.) see my children converted to Christ

    2.) become qualified to be and elder (even if I don’t actually become one)

    3.) bring to fruition the promise I made to God the day I got married that I would bring His daughter, who He entrusted to me, home to Him.

  2. Wow, Gordon, my three are identical to yours. How funny is that? I was up too late last night working on my latest venture in authorship. Maybe someday our books will sit side by side on someone’s bookshelf?

  3. 1. Grow closer to the Father.

    2. Grow in love and faithfulness to all of the people God has put around me.

    3. Grow in the integrity of my heart and become who God has designed me to be.

  4. 1. Get my PhD.
    2. Go to Japan as a long term missionary.

    Not much else that I want to do.

  5. See my children believe

    Be faithful in the ministry of the Word

    Die for Christ

  6. learn to speak up, and more then one word sentence, talk with God openly,

    walk barefoot on the beach.

    play the mandoin

  7. [1] To be a better witness for Christ and become closer to Him! [2] The best I can to not become totataly disabled, and to take care of myself untill it becomes my time to go! [3] To teach my grandchildren and great grandchildren to know my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST and touch as many of my friends lives as I can? TO ALL HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY ? RON.

  8. Ron (rbj) I hope you don’t mind, but I think of you as a granddad!

  9. Good question to ponder. I’m not sure I’ll accomplish anything unless the Lord enables me. But this is what I pray for:

    * That I’d live to see all my three grown children and their spouses walking with the Lord.
    * That I’d write the book the Lord lays on my heart and not be afraid.
    * That my husband and I would grow old together for many more years.

    Didn’t realize you’re working on a book or maybe it slipped my mind. In that case. you might enjoy my ‘other’ blog: http://victoriagaines.com

    Thanks, Gordon. Have a great weekend.

  10. One of my goals,(I am now 62) was to see you and Cam serve the Lord. That has been fulfilled. Your mom and I will soon reach 40 yrs of great marriage. These were past goals. For the future: 1. See our grandchildren serving the Lord. 2. Be able to give my best to my faithful Lord in the time I have left. I do not intend to retire, but to go out with all I have for Him.

  11. Janice you are so right and enjoying every minute that I can spend with them ! I used to every [for 2 years ] sunday carry 5 of them [ages 5 thru 11] to sunday school and church but now I get to carry them 1 to 2 sundays a month if I’m lucky? That is because their mom and stepdad started attending church with his mother about 3 months ago !I got 7 more scatterd from California to new York ! I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the whole world and I’m not conceited, but convinced? LOL RON.

  12. 1. Develop a closer relationship with the Lord

    2.Become a writer’s convention faculty member

    3. Get a three book contract with a CBA publisher!

  13. Thanks for sharing, everyone. It seems that we all have a desire to fulfill God’s will for our lives. I pray that He enables us to do so.

  14. 1. Wake up tomorrow.
    2. See my little granddaughter, born with CF, realize a cure during her lifetime.
    3. See my children follow the Lord with their whole hearts.

  15. 1. See my son come to faith in Jesus

    2. Write the music score for a motion picture

    3. Write a book.

    (Sorry I’m so late responding to this!!)

    steve 🙂

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