Weekend Survey

Perhaps we can generate a little discussion with this one.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

I think it depends on if you are giving the glass or receiving it.

See you in church this Sunday.

49 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. my cup overflows with grace, mercy and Love. so its mor ethan half FULL.
    i may have sprung a leak though, so some of all the good stuff spills on the people in my path

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  3. I think that many who are giving they give enough to get by, but if they receiving then they try to fill it up .but for me I’m always trying to fill it up and then I realize its still only half empty and I’m back where I started from? Have a safe weekend ,and I’ll be at church Sunday if the LORDS willing and the creek don’t rise . Blessings to all ! RON.

  4. Most definitely half-full!! πŸ™‚ david kinda stole my idea for answering this. I definitely try to live my life in a way that I am grateful for what I have already, and so the glass actually feels quite full to me.

  5. Gordon,
    The idea of half empty cannot be. It is like having half of nothing.
    Empty is empty. What could half of that be?
    So when you have a cup, glass, gas tank, or whatever unless it is full or some other variation it would be half full.
    Just a thought.

  6. I’m saving up my wisdom (the whole $0.02!) for the “which came first, the chicken or the egg” debate. (grin)

    okay, I’m a half full person in both logic and attitude. πŸ˜‰

  7. Ok. . .I wasn’t going to say anything, but you “half-full” people make me sick! Anyone can see the glass is plainly half-empty because it’s cracked and will have to be replaced. This will cost more than it did originally and will throw the budget completely out of whack.

    We must now form a committee to investigate the possibility of replacing said glass. Once they reach a conclusion, a motion must be made in the proper manner during a meeting of the entire congregation (quorum present of course) to be voted on. A majority of two/thirds is necessary to ratify the expenditure.

    I make a motion we drink the rest of the contents, dispose of the glass, and forego the whole process.

  8. What’s in the glass? Coffee, tea, soda, juice, milk, water? If I like it, then it’s half empty; if I don’t, it’s WAAY too full.

  9. I believe one is a positive and one is a negative.
    Which one are you?

  10. I would say half full, but since Taco bell has out that new burrito. just kidding ( had to much sun today!)

    I do like what David said!
    And Cameron, sorry half full people make you sick! but I think it is better then being full of it! πŸ˜›

  11. Janice, I have to give you a high-five on that one, sister! That was great!

  12. Take the example of a gas tank:

    It is halfway to (or headed to) full when you are filling it at the pump but it is halfway to (or headed to) empty when you are driving.

    Half empty and half full are neither positive or negative. They are but descriptive of the state of the glass or tank which is either in a state of filling or emptying.

    Now to the real issue: what is the state of a 16 gallon tank that has 8 gallons exactly and is parked in your garage? I would hope that we could say it’s state is half empty because then it would indicate that the car will be driven again … of course someone could open the garage door with a filled 8 gallon gas can and then … you get the idea πŸ™‚

    In either case the condition of the container has everything to do with usage and nothing to do with perspective … I think?

  13. I must have been on the positive side of my half full glass at church sunday after listening to our guest speaker Bro. Glenn Macall from the state missions board. Then we had dinner at the church and I topped off the top of the glass! I could’nt tell which part of the service Bro Gordon enjoyed the most but I watched him and everytime his elbow bent his mouth flew open and that went on for a good while. Its a good thing He don’t have but one Birthday a year ? In all seriousness we had a blessed service! I think most of the glasses were at least half full? Blessings To All ! RON.

  14. what’s this about a Birthday?

  15. Our church had a birthday dinner after services Sunday morning for Bro. Gordon. I don’t know how old he is but one thing for certain He’s as old as his toes ! LOL RON.

  16. I will gladly chime in here with very little wisdom.

    If the glass is clear, then one must take into consideration the refraction of light. If the light is shining through the glass from one angle, well, the glass will appear to have more than is actually in the glass, even if the variance is slight. So a glass that “looks” half-full does not necessarily mean that it is half-full. And the same should be applied in its opposite were the light to shine from the other direction.

    Now, if the glass is not clear and no light could actually shine through it, well then there are more considerations to be made.
    For instance, if you are looking at a glass that is said to have liquid up to EXACTLY the halfway mark, then you have to walk to the glass and look inside to verify this fact. If you are standing a few feet away (say around 10ft), then whatever time you just spent walking to the glass is time enough for even the smallest amount of liquid to have evaporated. And therefore, the glass is no longer half-full, but instead, slightly less than half-full.

    ‘zat make sense?

  17. For me it depends on how good the beverage in the glass is. If I don’t want to drink it, it’s half full. If I do want it, half empty wishing for more of the yummy stuff.

  18. This has been really stimulating conversation.

    It just proves what I always thought, that Heartburn readers are some of the deepest thinkers and most eloquent commentors in the blogosphere. πŸ˜‰

    I am having a really busy day, today, and will not likely be able to post anything until tomorrow.

    God bless.

  19. Oh, yeh. It’s deep in here all right. Eloquent, maybe. But definitely deep.

  20. DK. I disagree with the glass is no longer half-full but instead slightly less than half-full? I think you got Cameron confused ? I think you should have said the glass is no longer half-full but instead slightly less than half-empty! We need to be carefull with our eloquent comments so we don’t confuse anyone? RON.

  21. Hmmm… what more can be added here?

    We’ve already had spiritual, scientific, preferential, and logical arguments on this matter. So what more can be added? Counter-logic?

    Can I have a hint as to which half of the glass has liquid in it? Top half? Bottom half? Right half? Left half?

    Take a plate of glass and put it in the glass such that the glass is divided from top to bottom. Take your handy-dandy light saber and split the glass in half being careful to split the plate of glass along its edge. If done correctly, you now have two half glasses that are half full or half empty. (If not done correctly, well, you have a mess… go get the mop and try again.)

    What does this prove? Not much I suppose, except that you are either good or not so good with your light saber… Enjoy!

  22. Byevad, since we are on earth and in this galaxy and time dimension, (unlike the coffee discussion at Danny’s)we will assume for this conversation that the bottom half of the glass is full.

  23. Gordon,

    In that case, the glass is half full as you so eloquently put it. πŸ™‚

  24. Okay..so, like my glass was like a third full, but I had like a ton of ice in it or whatever, and because of like global warming and everything, all the ice like melted, and now my glass is like 2/3 full.

  25. But, Tony, now it’s lukewarm and you know how God feels about that.

  26. Gordon,
    That depends on how recently the ice melted. If it recently melted, it’s possible that the water maintains a cool temperature.

    This complicates the discussion in that now the question is not only “half-full; half-empty”, but “What temperature is the liquid?” (goes to volume change) AND “How long has it been at that particular volume?”

    Factoring in all the variables causes one to further wonder, “Is it possible for a glass to maintain a consistent “half” for any length of time?” and “Do we have the measuring device accurate enought to know precisely how much half is? and when there is precisely that much liquid?”

    These questions all assume it as given that the contents of the glass are actually liquid. If not then the entire discussion has taken a wrong turn and must be corrected.

    Which raises the philisophical questions “Are we predisposed to assume that the glass has liquid in it?” and its corollary queries: “Why?” and “What does that mean about us?”

    What say ye?

  27. Cameron, I would say that the key word in your last comment is “assume”.

    When I presented the question, I intentionally left a vacuum of details. I did not state the size, transparency, temperature, integrity, or the contents of the glass.

    Nearly every comment (whether serious or facetious) has reflected the authors preconceived notions about the glass.

    Could this be an indication that a persons opinion of the condition of the cup is not psychological as we have always been taught, but is rather philosophical?

  28. I say two things:

    1.) If a glass is 1/3 full of water with another 1/3 of ice in it, then technically speaking the glass is still slightly under the 2/3 mark, regardless of whether or not the ice has melted. (I say “slightly less” ice takes on a bit of oxygen during the freezing process and we must account for the loss of it during the melting process.)

    2.) Cameron makes a great point about whether or not it is a liquid in the glass, and why we human-types simply assume that this is the case.

    I can only say that I use “past precedence” to make my determination. As they sat in an old English tavern in the early 1800s, the brilliant and philosophical (and drunk) originators of the question at hand spake in terms of the glass being 1/2 filled with or 1/2 emptied of…beer. And beer is a liquid. As time progressed, the question began to take into consideration the time of day, as well. For instance: If it were early evening the complaint would be that the brew would be 1/2 gone and the tender of the tavern was expected to refill the mug. If it were just before the closing of the tavern then the glass was “still 1/2 full” and the owner of the tavern was forced to let the patrons finish their brew before employing the oft-hated and oft-heard phrase, “Taverns closed! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”!

    Nowadays, we have such a vastly superior intellect that we no longer apply the question in light of such a crude drunkard manner. We have taken the phrase to a level more fitting for our heady ways: Our outlook of life itself.

    Does it now make sense why we assume the galss to be filled with liquid, cameron?

    (Oh yeah…Um…don’t try to google that bit of history. I’m pretty sure I am the only one who knew it.) πŸ˜‰

  29. Danny, the sad part about your last comment is that I was actually buying it until you claimed exclusivity of knowledge. πŸ˜‰

  30. has the word over think come to mind here!

  31. Gordon, I’d have to say the glass is now WELL over half-way full of bull. (oney for those more sensitive souls.)

  32. Janice, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. However, we certainly wouldn’t want to overlook any key bits of information relating to this situation.

    Cameron, your glass has been that way for a long time, Dude.

  33. Yeah, Gordon. I’m pretty good at the game Balderdash. It pretty much means I am a really great liar. That’s not something I am proud of. But it comes in handy in times like this. πŸ˜‰

    jel – No. That would be the “What color is black coffee” post on my site; a post to which Gordon himself has contributed many “thoughtful?” comments.

    Cameron, I’m sure I know nothing of what you speak!

  34. Well I see ya’ll finaly got me confused , now I’M going to have to rest my brain and get a glass twice as big and fill it up half full to get the full effect ? RON.

  35. Gordon wrote: When I presented the question, I intentionally left a vacuum…

    Now see, that does change things quite a bit, because if there is a vacuum in the glass, that significantly affects the way in which we define “full”, “half-full”, “half-empty”, etc.

    For example, if the glass appears to have liquid in the bottom half, it is quite possible that there was a strong enough vacuum introduced there by Sir Gordon, Keeper of the Details, to actually PULL the apparent level of the liquid up, thus giving the impression that it is half-full, when in fact, there might not be enough liquid under normal “vacuum-less” circumstances to fill half of the glass.

    On an unrelated tangent, I’m not sure if we have discussed the vertical position of the glass, and so it occurs to me that it is quite possible that the question is asked at a very precise moment in time when the glass, having fallen on its side, is being emptied of most of its liquid.

    Either way, it is of utmost importance that we factor in the barometric pressure on the planet… errrrr …demoted chunk of sub-planetary material Pluto before we can fully understand the impact of this discussion on the thought processes of children under the age of 12 in small countries containing the letters “r” and “n” in their name.

    (Why do I feel like I suddenly have wandered into a Monty Python sketch??)

  36. Steve said: “children under the age of 12 in small countries”…
    (Why do I feel like I suddenly have wandered into a Monty Python sketch??)

    Would that be African countries or European countries?

  37. Give it a break Guys!

  38. Well Steve and Cameron just added to the confusion maybe we should look for a professional mediator to come up with an eloquent solution that does not require so many deep thoughts. RON.

  39. This is a lot of fun. It is so much better than arguing about Calvinism or things like that.

    Steve, you are taking this convo to a new level my friend. We have now escaped the bounds of earth and are entering the galaxy.

    As we get farther and farther away from the gravitational pull of the earth, you will probably notice that the change in atmospheric pressure (at our present location, not Pluto) will have a nominal effect on the volume of the substance (hypothetically, liquid) in the glass.

    In this case it would be technically incorrect to say that the glass is “half” anything.

  40. Bro Gordon, that raises another question as the glass is taken away from our present atmosphere and enters outer space , does the half full glass of liquid float out of the glass or does the glass and liquid both float together ? RON.

  41. That’s an excellent question, Bro. Ron. Maybe some intelligent person will come by with an answer.


  42. Separately. Oh wait, you said intelligent. Sorry!

  43. I can answer that…I’m intelijint!

    (In both of the scenarios I am going to mention, the assumption is that the glass is velcroed to a table or something.)

    If the glass is in a cylindrical form, then the liquid will run freely. Not only will it separate itself from the glass, but it will lose its shape as well. (I don’t know why, but for some reason I think that’s strange.)

    HOWEVER, if the glass is conically shaped, tapering in at the top, the liquid will, for the most part, stay in the glass. Just remember this little catch phrase: It only wants to flow where it is easiest to go.

    ‘zat make sense? Can I now sell you a bridge or sumthin’?

  44. Okay if this so called glass that’s half and half, left the atmosphere and the farther it gets from the sun, the colder it would get, and before long it would freeze dry! then some light years later, it will come crashing back down to earth , people will see it falling fear will spread, what will we do!!!!!!!!!

  45. yes YES YES!!! We’ve DONE it!

    We’ve pulled jel down into the depths of immaturity and nonsensical discussion.

    Welcome to the club, girl!

  46. Now do you see what philosophy can lead to? Do you see?

    We start with a half-empty (or half-full) glass, and the next thing you know, the sky is falling.

  47. all I can say is that you got me at a weak moment!

    DK, thanks! I think?

    should I be honored or should I pull a paper bag over my head? πŸ™‚

  48. Janice, when it started raining down freeze dried half full glasses then I would suggest calling a church meeting to assume with eloquent thought and deeper thinking to determine the outcome of what happened and who drank the other half. I refuse to agree to join Cameron in his elequent thought[separetly. oh wait you said intelligent. sorry!] I am just as intelligent as DK?? I’m interested in knowing what a sumthin is? RON.

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