An Evening of Worship

A group of folks from my church, Pine Park Baptist Church, had the opportunity last night to enjoy a wonderful, worshipful experience at the beautiful First Baptist Church in Tifton, GA.

The Sons of Jubal, a choir and orchestra composed of around 125 men, sang and played for an hour and a half that was about the shortest 90 minutes of my life.

Singing a variety of songs that ranged from high church, to contemporary, to southern gospel, these men truly lifted up the Lord with their voices and instruments. The Gospel was clearly presented through song and word and every selection was focused upon Jesus. While each of these men were clearly very talented, it came across very strongly that their objective was to exalt the Savior.

This choir is somewhat unusual in that every member is a music minister of some church in the Georgia Baptist Convention. They are led by Dr. Jon Duncan and take time each year to sing a limited number of concerts around the state. In addition, they are very involved in foreign missions having been to Moldova recently with a trip planned to Russia in the near future.

I just wanted to share the joy of the experience with you. I hope you have a blessed day.


5 responses to “An Evening of Worship

  1. Interesting that the choir is called Sons of Jubal.

    Plymouth Brethren commentaries always condemn Jubal as a worldy man who introduced worldliness by inventing musical instruments.

    God Bless


  2. Wow! What an event that must have been. Wish I could have heard them. Nothing sounds quite like brothers singing to the Lord!

  3. I suppose some see Jubal that way, Matthew. Personally, I am glad he invented instruments.

    JG, I agree.

  4. I would have loved to have been there.

  5. Sons of Jubal — what a great name for a group/choir. I’ve never heard of them but it’s an interesting concept — especially the part about them all being music ministers at their respective churches.

    Sounds like a great night!

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