I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was good, it would have been better had the Seminoles beat Clemson, but God still reigns! A special thanks to all who participated in the last Weekend Survey. Thank you for being transparent enough to share some things that will undoubtedly be an encouragement to others. I wanted to direct your attention to a few blogs and posts that have caught my eye over the last few days. First, you may have noticed that I have added a couple of new links in my blogroll. Daniel’s Thoughts are the writings of a youth pastor from Nebraska. Daniel has a very pleasant spirit and is a welcome participant in theological discussions. I had been linked to him before he took a few months’ hiatus from blogging. Now that he is “back in the saddle” I am happy to have him on the list. The Dyspraxic Fundamentalist is my first link to an Englishman. Matthew is a young man who is a serious student of the Bible and who demonstrates a gracious attitude in discussion. Check out these new blogs for a blessing. Blogging buddy, Steve Sensenig, at Theological Musings has a provocative inspection of the concept of sola scriptura. Check out his new blog design while you are there. Don Fields, of World From Our Window, has published an outstanding series on the fallacy of thinking that programs can solve a church’s problems. Read the first post here, and the second here. Kansas Bob has written a wonderful post called Stepping Into Your Pain. This is a wonderful article that went hand-in-hand with our Weekend Survey. You need to read this article. There is a story about a tiger and some pigs at Joe’s Jottings that will make your day. On the “lighter” side, frequent commentor, Danny Kaye (aka Jeff Morris), has had a stimulating discussion going on about the color of coffee. I never would have thought that this topic would garner over 200 comments, but there we are and I am still not sure that the matter is resolved. More field research is definitely in order. Share the love of Christ with someone today.

4 responses to “Blogspotting

  1. Gordon,

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. I want to use the opportunity to say thanks to all the christian bloggers that I visit everyday for their post to which some days it helps me thru the day ! I would list all of them but my rememberer is broke and I didn,t want to leave someone out! GOD BLESS ALL OF YA;LL ! Bro. Gordon I hope you didn,t mind? RON.

  3. Daniel, you are most welcome, my friend.

    Bro. Ron, I don’t mind at all. You expressed my sentiments as well.

  4. Gordon,

    I would also like to thank you for the mention. I’ve been so busy filling in for my brother that this was the first chance I had to drop by this week. Now that Ken is back I will be returning more frequently and posting less frequently. Have a great day!

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