A Special Blessing

Pine Park Baptist Church was especially blessed last night to have as our guest, Gladys Rojas, of Peru. A good friend, Mrs. Barbara Payne, had gone to Peru last year on a short-term mission trip and had met Sis. Gladys who served as an interpreter for the missions group. As it worked out for her to visit the U.S., we had the opportunity for her to come and share her testimony with our church.

What a blessing it was.

She testified of how missionaries had led her to Christ and how she was now witnessing for the Lord herself. God had also provided, through missionaries, for her healing from a deadly parasite.

Her love for the Lord was obvious and her gracious spirit was captivating. It was such a blessing to see actual results, “in the flesh”, of the resources and efforts that are placed in missions.

Thank you so much Sis. Gladys and Sis. Barbara for sharing this opportunity with us.

6 responses to “A Special Blessing

  1. Bet that was a Blessing !

    thanks for sharing this with us, Gordon,

    take care

  2. Thanks, Janice.

    My pleasure, Matthew. I enjoy discussing the Word with you.

  3. Preacher, it’s been my experience that the testimony of one of these great witnesses has a greater spiritual impact on the congregation than any other speaker ever could.

  4. I’m sure that was a great time. I love it when our missions conference comes around each year or when we happen to have missionaries at church.

    A great blessing is when you’re able to have them in your home and get to feel their passion even a little bit more.

    I have never been a Southern Baptist (I’m southern and I’m Baptist, but never in the denomination.) Do you get visits from missionaries regularly? Does your church know the missionaries that the SBC sends out? I’m asking in sincerity…not critically.

  5. KC, I agree.

    Beverly, that is a good question. We do get opportunities to meet some of our missionaries. Since there are several thousand involved in our missions efforts, we do not get to meet all of them.

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